If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 8


Day 8: Make a List of Your Accomplishments

I didn't understand this one as an entire list of all of my accomplishments in life, I understand today's challenge as something that is a part of my daily life... a daily to do list!!

I think it's important to celebrate small accomplishments every single day. And what better way to qualify or quantify that than with a list that you can physically check things off of when complete!?

SO... today!!
I got a ton of work done for Adoption Choices, Tri the Gulf, myself, and Run-N-Tri Company. I also biked 90 mins on the trainer, watched 1.5 episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, ran a few errands, and cooked zoodles for dinner! Jake and I got some play time in too. Knocking things off the to do list like a boss!

Whether it's completing an Ironman, getting out of bed, or scoring a new dress on sale, celebrate!
It doesn't matter how big or small, identify what needs to be accomplished and then celebrate it's completion!!