If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 3

Day 3: Learn Something New

Hello self!! Today I was contemplating, what on earth am I going to learn new!? I even said it out loud to one of my runners, what am I going to learn new today!? He said about self or something else? Hmm, good point. I decided that I wasn't going to set out to learn something new, I just let the day unfold.


SO, today I learned this about myself, around mile 16 of 20 I felt GOOD! I was excited and motivated. And while I could feel my runners positivity sinking, I strived to lift them. I LOVE endurance sport!!


We all learned that Erwin sweats enough salt to turn him white. Ha ha ha ha!! More salt tabs Erwin!! And there's a slew of bad ass runners that ran 12 and 20 miles today. p.s. it was HOT!!


And finally, an afternoon spent with my girl best friend, Amy, I learned more about LuLaRoe and Savory Roots. I stinking love LuLa!! I want every single pair of their tights!! They have amazing designs and colors!!!! I settled for these... but wanted them ALL!!! And Jessica, we already knew, is a fantastic chef. She's amazing and you should order from Savory Roots. I miss her taste.

Learning something new is exciting; even if it's simple. I love being a part of a world with so much opportunity!!