If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 2


Day 2 is simple for me, Start A Journal (or a blog!?). CHECK!! But what I'm committing to is spending more time for myself WITH said journal (blog). Obviously with these 30 days of self-improvement, I'll be here everyday... but sometimes I forget WHY I started this blog. Sure it's to share my life and adventures with you, but it's also for me.

Writing is therapeutic. Often it's not until I see it in words that I can understand what's happening, evaluate what's good or bad for me, and make a plan to grow. It is a way to observe my thoughts and feelings outside of the box (or outside of my head if you want to be literal).

A therapist wrote, "Most of us do not think in complete sentences but in self-interrupted, looping, impressionistic cacophony. Writing helps us track our spinning thoughts and feelings, which can lead to key insights." Writing for me is like speaking to another consciousness, it can be very enlightening, insightful.

I'm not always just speaking to you, I'm also speaking to myself. In fact, most of the time I'm speaking to self. Except for right now, I'm telling you ;) But I'm usually identifying my inner thoughts with my outside world and letting go of worries or fear or capturing happiness or excitement.

So for me, I'll continue writing, keeping myself updated and sane. And for you, WRITE!!
Happy Friday, January 13th!!!