If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 12


Day 12: Watch an Old Movie

Define "old"...

And honestly to sit still for a movie about kills me. So I had it on in the background while I cleaned up, worked, and finished laundry. I love to multi-task!!

It's one of my faves and it's completely brainless (ha ha, no pun intended!!).
But it's a movie where you don't have to really pay attention to get it. And it's a classic!! A "classic" ;)

So now I had to Google why watching a movie improved my self. Because... I don't get it!? The first article to pop up relays 5 scientific way watching movies effects you... 1) ruins your health, 2) improves your health, 3) make you more creative, 4) make you less creative (JUST KIDDING HA! 4) they can control your thoughts, and 5) can make you more aggressive. Uhhmm, WHAT!? How stupid. Stop Googling Lisa. Not everything should be researched, LOL!

But then I made a decision. Many non-English speakers learn English by watching movies in English. AHA!! That's how I will get fluent! I'll watch "old" movies, movies that I know and love, IN ITALIAN!!! Si! Si! Si! PERFETTO!!!