If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 4

Day 4: Exercise

Ahahahahahaha! Reading today's improvement CRACKED ME UP! (as you can imagine). And even more funny, today is a REST DAY!!

So, do I obey my self-improvement challenge or do I obey my training plan?

This is a good time to talk about the importance of rest.
You're not being lazy. You're not going to lose your fitness level. You're not weak.

You are repairing your body. You are building muscle. You are preventing injuries. You are preventing mental burn out. You are making your body a performing champion!!!!!!

Taking a rest day is FUNDAMENTAL to your training cycle; to your success.

And for my Rock n' Roll Half and Full Marathon training team, Team TOA Elite, you made it baby!! You are READY!! And now, we taper...