If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self-Improvement Day 15

Day 15: Treat Yo Self

If treat yo self means getting all the things done you set out to do today, then consider me self improved!!

My day started at the courthouse tying up some paperwork loose ends. Upon completion I dropped Jake at Doggy Day Care and headed to Keesler for my shot. My shot doc was out so that didn't happen. To the nat for a quick swim before appointments. Got my 1,500 in 30mins. Washed up and jetted to Core Chiro for my final massage with April and adjustment with Brandon. Love this team; I hope I find a team half as good in Italy. A quick stop at Run-N-Tri for a little work then off to Long Beach for Taco Tuesday picking up Jake en route. Got home for a strong hour on the bike trainer and I'm treated!!

I also got some work at home done, checked on athlete schedules, updated my own schedule, and published my to do list for tomorrow. I'm feeling all Wonder Woman today!

Whether it's knocking out a to do list, relaxing at a spa, or just doing nothing, make sure to treat yourself every once or twice a month ;) Self improvement starts with YOU!