If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

When Are You Leaving?


If you haven't heard, I'm headed to Brazil ~solo~ for my 9th Ironman. I fly out of Kansas on May 23rd so my Gulf Coast leave date is in the air. I have a few shifts at RNT to cover and a bit of work to wrap up before my trip...

After Brazil I'll return to New York for a week with my mom, niece, and step-sister followed by GOBA in Ohio. From there I'll return to Kansas for Freeda Wander and Jake and begin my 5,000+ mile journey. This will be my longest RV road trip. I'm traveling north through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, west to Montana, cruise through the tip of Idaho, Washington, then head south through Oregon and arrive in Windsor, California for Ironman Vineman. This leg of the trip is about 3,000 miles and I have 30 days to complete it. I have no idea of what adventures I'll get into, but I'm CERTAIN it will go down in history...

After Ironman Vineman, I'm cruising back to Ohio ~ Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana will all peep the Adventure mobile cruising through. I'll compete in Ironman 70.3 Delaware (Ohio) before heading south back to the Gulf Coast.

Every time it's time to go I start reflecting on my life here. Mom was here last week, "Your people love you." And now you understand why I've stayed. I get so bored here and aggravated with monotany and ticky tacky. But the people in my life on the Coast are one of a kind. I want to believe that I can recreate this life anywhere I land, but it's just not truth.

There's something about this land, this circle, the Gulf Coast air ~ the water runs just as thick as blood. It's quite incredible.
I've heard it a dozen times in the last few weeks, "For what it's worth... I'm here for you." I promise you that worth cannot be valued.

I get scared to leave; I'll be forgotten. But I think too, I'd be a different person if forced to stay still. It doesn't change my plans but it's enough to grimace and turns my stomach. Thank goodness for Facebook, yeah!? And I'm going to be diligent about sending post cards. In fact, I'm super excited about this part!! I want a whole collection of my travel memoirs in homes ALL OVER the world! Maybe someday they'll be worth some money and put in a book. Or a museum. Hey!, you don't know who I might become from here!! ;) ;)

So the big question now... Can we have a big leaving party!?!?

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