Monday, April 4, 2016

Accountability: 9 Weeks - RUN WEEK

Monday, March 28th: my math said 3,300 meters, the swim = 2,300. I compromised at 2,500. It's okay, I was cool with that ;) Quick swim too! Stuffed Tradition's Triathlon packets and finished the day with Monday Fun Run - 3.3 miles, 30mins

Tuesday, March 29th: 90 minute run (just shy of 90 minutes actually and just shy of 9 miles). A little bit of RV electrical education and a bicycle tire changing class for new athletes. Successful day!

Wednesday, March 30th: quick swim but cut a little short... 600 warm up, 16 x 50 (hard/easy), 150 cool down. Total was 1,300m and I was going to just swim to 1,500 but my body was done (low calories, low energy!!).

Thursday, March 31st: 75 minute run this morning. I just felt so good and happy running. So free!! Running is definitely my favorite part of triathlon. Yep, even after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike.

Friday, April 1st: 90 minutes on the spin bike ~ rainy day!

Saturday, April 2nd: worked at the shop and overslept. I'll get my long run in tomorrow...

Sunday, April 3rd: 2.5 hour run, last 25 minutes with Jake. First loop was strong, felt okay. Second loop tummy got funny and I wanted it to be done (which is why I grabbed Jake). Overall, great run!

Lots of running this week and it all felt great! I'm really pleased that I had little pain in my knees (and less towards end of week running).

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