If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

It's a hard knock life


I'm cleaning my black tank this morning humming "It's a hard knock life for us... it's a hard knock life for us..." Smiling. Giggling. In the time it takes you to scrub your bathroom, I have also scrubbed mine. (and drank a cup of coffee and wrote a blog post)

First I have to "dump". Never in a million years (34 years) did I think I'd be saying "I have to dump". Wait a minute, I've probably said that numerous times in my life!! LOL!!!!
But dumping means my black tank is full <--- gross, right!?
And there's a little lever I pull to release it. <--- so gross! Ha! But I don't see any of it, it just flushes through the red hose into the magical hole of waste. <--- definitely the grossest.


Next I flush the pipes. That's easy, turn the water on! This morning I dumped cleaner down the drains first. Not because I necessarily needed to, but I figured it's not a bad idea ??
Close the little lever and shit is done. <--- pun intended!

It's the easiest!!
Dumping shit like a boss!!

And walking around the RV this morning with Jake trailing at my feet, I was happy (I AM happy, proper writing just made me continue to use past tense). We finally got THE best spot at the park and we have SO MUCH room for activity (see first photo). We have a whole backyard! At least for the next month and a half before our adventures begin.

So, in case you were wondering, #RVlife is the easiest!! It takes me about 30 minutes to deep clean my entire house, that's dusting and everything... It takes maybe 3 minutes to "clean" the toilet and bathroom. Laundry is still a hassle and yeah, my shower is small. I spend so much time at the pool/gym though I shower there most of the time anyway.

We have grown so comfortable in our tiny space I can't even imagine having to live and take care of a bigger space. I'm even getting more and more okay with it being called a "camper" a "mobile home" and a ... ugh, "trailer". It's not any of those things. It's an RV. But more than that, it's home.