If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 8 weeks

New Orleans 70.3 is sneaking up on me. I'm still not feeling 100% on the bike... so let's see what happens this week...

Monday, April 4th: 2,200 meter swim, felt slow and still dehydrated from weekend. I attempted a run but having some bladder discomfort (some is an understatement...).

Tues, April 5th: I woke up early for a long ride with Amanda. We hit 44 miles and I headed out for another 12. Fortunately I had a deep tissue with April scheduled and a great adjustment after. Core Chiro rules my world <3
So, the bladder discomfort? Confirmed UTI. Ouch!!

Weds, April 6th: mandatory rest day (UTI) + lots of Tradition's Triathlon errands

Thurs, April 7th: 2,500 meter swim

Fri, April 8th: packet pick up for TT

Sat, April 9th: Tradition's Triathlon - directing - I was so exhausted after I didn't do a darn thing!! Probably better anyway after my uncomfortable week...

Sun, April 10th: 1hour easy run on base ~ no pain! and an afternoon BBQ