If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

You can run but you can't hide...

I want to complain about cheating for a minute...
First of all, WHY?! How can you possibly feel accomplished or like a winner if you cheat?! (there's only one exception and that will be discussed later...).

Recently there have been a few running and triathlon cheaters in the news... cutting the course, jumping in the course without registering (bandit running), lying on an entry form, juicing/steroids... Cheating.
How proud of yourself are you that you competed so unethically and immorally!? And if you won on top of that? How do you sleep at night!? You're not a winner! You're a cheater!

So why am I pissy? This morning I ran a small 5k. It was a no big deal event; just for fun. Maybe 30 or 40 people showed up??
The director described the course and GO, off we went. Starting with Amber, I decided quickly to race race, why not, and took off. Oh by the way, there were 3 exercise stations along the way (squats, mountain climbers, and push-ups). I was the female in lead at mile one, finished my squats and took off again. Suddenly another female came out of nowhere and flew by me. I remember seeing her near the back, I questioned whether or not she actually did her squats because she would have had to been at a really fast pace to catch me (I was at a 7:40). But okay, whatever... She didn't get too far ahead of me and hung with the leading group. I knew I was going to catch them on the last stretch but didn't want to pass too soon. Exercise station #2 and we're off again. Final stretch...

All of a sudden this group cuts left across the grass totally cutting at least a quarter mile off the course!! WTF!? The race crew realizes and rushes over pointing us, NO stay straight to the stop sign. But they didn't turn around the little group that cut off!! That entire group finishes to win 1st and 2nd male and 1st female with me right behind (NOT CHEATING) for 2nd female. The guy winners would have won anyway, but that chick!? I was getting ready to take the race! Of course I asked the race director, you're going to disqualify them, right? It wasn't her fault nor the race crews and they obviously didn't know what to do and kind of laughed it off.

Future RD's, let me square you away - if someone cuts the course (whether on purpose or accident), you either have to change the entire course on the fly for all racers or disqualify the cutters. And you cutters, you don't get to win!! You need to be like, oh no, I jacked up and I don't DESERVE 1st place!

But like I said, this was a small 5k and just for fun. I shouldn't be so aggravated, right? Or should I be!? Cheating is cheating. Isn't it!? I don't know, would YOU be mad!? In the big scheme of things, it totally doesn't matter. But I don't understand how you can feel accomplished knowing you cut the course. Or cheated in any fashion.

Okay, the exception: Putt Putt Golf. I definitely cheat at Putt Putt. Because who can seriously drop that ball in one (or 7... or 14) tries!?! Look!, a bird (Lisa moves ball to hole...).