If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 13 Weeks

Monday Feb 29th: I think I deserved the day off, what do you think? Truth is my quads were so sore I could hardly walk anyway. This whole week turned into a shit show due to ... a lot of work.

Tuesday March 1st: holy shit I just typed Tuesday Feb 30th. WTF!?
More rest. And work. And adventure.

Wednesday March 2nd: I put some strength training in... and more rest.

Thursday March 3rd: recovery run!! 26 minutes 2.5 miles. Not too shabby!!

Friday March 4th: would you believe that I kind of did nothing again today?? I worked. On so many things... If I were an airplane, I traveled the world today.

Saturday the 5th: up early for a 5k at the shop. I didn't run it, just working. Worked at the shop all day and an evening promoting events. How am I surviving the nothingness of this week!?

Sunday, March 6th: AHA... 50 mile bike with Linda and Jennie.

We will call this week a "wash" or a shit show. Whatever...