If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Run with me

I need your help friends!!
We are once again running for the rhino's!!

It all started in South Africa. I met Sian on the Ironman course, we became friends, and The Rhino Run Mississippi was in the works!! Last year we raised $1,200 for the cause. We are raising awareness (and funds) against illegal poaching ~specifically for the rhino's.

Sian is so passionate for our cause and wants our annual trail run to continue to grow, "Being a trail runner has brought me back in touch with the amazing beauty that is South Africa, and the wild places that this beautiful country has to offer. I believe that we as trail runners have an obligation to step up and fight whenever our precious natural resources are being threatened, for without them, we would not be able to do what we all love doing – running free! The rhino, being one of the Big 5, is an icon for this country, and we simply cannot let them die out – especially not for something as selfish as the greed of man! ... My dream for this event is to make it the biggest single day trail running event on the planet! I want to have people running on their favourite trails the world over for an entire day, all with one single objective – to raise funds and awareness of the war on rhino poaching."

We are here to help Sian!!

Sign up for one of four of my 5k's or 10k's. We are running at midnight between Saturday, Sept 19th and Sunday, Sept 20th. This is to run WITH our friends in South Africa. For friends that are reluctant to the late night trail run, I'm also hanging around for races at 6am, noon, and 6pm on Sunday, Sept 20th. I'm also opening a virtual run and accepting donations.
CLICK HERE to register now.
If you're running virtually, include $4.95 for shipping in the donation box and note that you are virtual in the notes section when checking out. You can shoot me an email or message too if you want! You'll receive your finisher's t and medal shortly after the event.

I believe in sharing our wealth and health with friends around the world. I believe in passion ~my own, and yours. I believe that we can make a difference on this earth.
I hope you'll join me to fight for our rhino's!!