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Accountability: 3 weeks to go

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Monday, Sept 7:
I took my own mandatory rest day. I have felt tired and hungry all day. I'm not complaining, just saying! I even took a nap today. Which, with no surprise, made me feel even worse. A good night rest will make it all better...
I hung out with Jake. And I still loved seeing my friends and runners at Monday Fun Run. Puppy + friends make my life so happy.

Tuesday, Sept 8:
I knew it, woke up feeling great!! I hit the base pool for a 3000 meter swim, 1 hour. I honestly wanted 4000 but ran out of time... dentist! 3 more weeks and these things come off. Yay!!
I was supposed to run 90 minutes. I had a bit of a heart breaking distraction today so I haven't quite gotten to it yet. I'm still motivating myself to just go...
I didn't go. Heartbreak often leads to lack of motivation and sleep.


Wednesday, Sept 9:
Had to scoot over to New Orleans this morning to update my passport. Was able to grab 90mins on the bike after. But bad time, middle of the day = HOT! I also was reminded why I don't ride south of 10 - people driving are CRAY! I'm glad I didn't die.
My state of mind is a bit better today. I'm just thinking positive and trying to maintain my free spirit and happy attitude. Tomorrow will be my big run. It's gonna happen!!
"There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy." ~Like that big beautiful blue sky!! ^^
I can't let one ugly bring me so down.


Thursday, Sept 10:
I woke up with a brand new perspective: CHOOSE HAPPINESS. It worked!!
I hit a solid 2.5 hour run for 15 miles. I was up and out before the sun came up, watched the sun come up, and finished before it got too hot. It was still hot, don't get me wrong; humid!
I got the best and much needed deep tissue massage at Core Chiro from April and then an 'oh it feels so good' adjustment from Doc Hardin. Friends, take CARE of your body!!
I had lunch with a new friend at Newk's (Cobb salad with balsamic vinaigrette ~yum!).
I hung out with friends at RNT then visited Amanda at her work.
I played with Jake. I ate sushi. I went to bed at peace. Happy.

Friday, Sept 11:
Woke up to rain so the pool was closed. Does your early workout ever get kinda screwed up and it just screws up any other possibility of a workout? That's what happened today. So I just went about my day hoping the rain would clear and I'd get my swim later. I debated grabbing a trainer ride. Or running in the rain. But I just wanted my swim. And couldn't. So didn't. A day of nothing. Grr!!


Saturday, Sept 12:
Thank goodness for awesome friends organizing long bike rides, I got to bike my 5 hours with people!! I spent the first 90mins with Tish, Robin, and Frank. Super fun!! The next few with Tish. We had fun chatting and thinking and discovering (don't Google tree worms - GROSS!!). I finished with 85 miles and did NOT do a brick run. I actually kind of forgot!! And needed food. Juan Tequila's rocked my belly!!


Sunday, Sept 13:
After a long night with Amanda, up early for another ride - 2 hours and 15mins with some Team TOA athletes and a 30 minute brick run. It was COLD this morning!! Long sleeve cold! What the !? But the champagne, bloody mary's, and bacon made it all awesome. Love hanging out with these people!!

My last long week is complete and I'm heading into taper. My goal, don't go crazy! ;)
More pics from the week:

My favorite part of rainy days? My yellow rain boots!!!! 😍 ☔️ #triouradventure #rainydays Ride the bike for miles and miles and miles!! That's how you train for #ironmanbarcelona . Last long bike done. Kinda like a boss. #teamTOA #teamzoot @teamzootse Hey look!! We're all in @zootsports !!! Because we know and love the BEST!! #teamTOA #teamzoot @teamzootse #triouradventure Untitled Untitled Untitled