If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Return


Part of my adventure always includes 'the return'. This trip is no different!!

After Ironman Texas I stayed Saturday night (with Kim and Anissa) in The Woodlands. We woke up, packed our junk up, and grabbed some breakfast at Denny's. They decided to head back to Austin and I decided I didn't know what I was doing! Ha! I drove around Houston for a while looking for something interesting to do. I found a water wall and the Galleria (shopping). I saw a sign for Galveston and thought, yeah, let's go there. In a rush for a nap I zoomed south.

I ended up in Galveston last night for some solo RnR. It wasn't as I remember it. *shrug* onward adventures... headed east. #triouradventure #roadtrip

I debated RV or hotel. I really wanted a long hot bath; HOTEL (thank you Phil!!).
Sunday: Galveston is NOT as I remember it. It looks really worn down and even kind of spooky. I know they had a pretty bad hurricane a few years ago but even with the rebuild, it just looks...old. Even the water looked old. I kinda just hung out in the Hampton Inn for the day and napped on and off. I woke up on Monday ready to drive.

I stayed off the highway as much as possible and drove through some really interesting towns. Texas City, La Marque, Kehma, Beaumont, Lake Charles - what an interesting life those folks must live! Still in no hurry to get anywhere I decided around the Louisiana border that I was way too tired to make it home and the RV needs a hard charge. It rained the entire drive so I was getting pretty sore. I called mom and said find me something quick (RV Park). She has traveled the country in an RV and knows all the good spots (or at least how and where to find a good spot). 27 miles to Farr Equestrian Center - a horse center + RV park. SCORE. Y'all, it's gorgeous here! Jake spent the late afternoon/evening rolling in wet grass while I cleaned the RV. Major scrub!! GREAT NIGHT OF SLEEP. Thank goodness, I needed that.

Now it's Tuesday and I'm on a horse ranch. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. So, I'm going to go explore!!...

DSC_0549DSC_0554 DSC_0556 DSC_0557 DSC_0559 DSC_0567 DSC_0569 DSC_0572 DSC_0585

And some crazy play time with Jake of course. Which...he found an awesome pond of mud. Ahh!!

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Spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book in the sun, playing with Jake, and walking. This was probably the most relaxing and calm day I've had in years. It was perfect. (but let's not lie, I'm looking forward to getting moving again, let's not get lazy!!).

Woke up Wednesday morning prepared to get this booty moving. I feel like a fat slug. HIIT + 2 mile recovery run + planks. I'm on a new schedule for my training and I'm feeling uber motivated. Let's drop a few pounds and get ready for a summer of AMAZING...
Continuing east (and maybe a little north) today...

Hey guess what!? It's Thursday and I made it back to the coast...