If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Sun, Surf, and Lesbians

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I have so much to say I don’t even know where to start!!...
Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, my return from Texas. I actually got detoured to Florida. I know that sounds nuts, but I guess that’s how we roll, right!?  When a friend reaches out, you lock on – to DESTIN…


I need to be rich. That’s my conclusion from Destin. We didn’t stay in a hotel, we stayed in an apartment!! Only they call it a condo. Whatever! It was HUGE! A full kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony, bedroom, bath, even a washer n dryer IN THE ROOM!! Heck to the yeah I did all my laundry. Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe this resort. Luxury! Blue skies and white sand beaches. We worked; we played.  What happens in Destin, stays in Destin ;)


With an extra day to play we stopped in Pensacola Sunday night. Little did we know, Memorial Day weekend is gay pride beach weekend.  I have no qualms with your sexuality but holy lesbians everywhere!! 
I have to admit, it was pretty awesome…
No I’m not gay. Although asked that often and I guess mistaken for gay due to some of my close relationships with girlfriends, I am not gay. But you know what, I wish I were!! Funny, I spent most of Texas with my girlfriends Kim and Anissa – who yes, are gay. Y’all, they shop together, do each other’s nails, watch chick flicks, and just be girls together!! Imagine sharing your life with your BEST FRIEND (I realize many of my straight married friends are going to say/think, “I am with my best friend”) Well, yeah, of course… now imagine that best friend being your closest girlfriend!! When’s the last time your husband painted your toes or braided your hair!? If it weren’t for the … ahem … “cookie”, I’d totally be gay! But anyway, Kim had texted me that it was gay weekend in Pensacola when I told her I was detouring to Destin. I acknowledged it and never gave it a second thought. Until Amanda was like, “is there something going on this weekend, there are lesbians everywhere!” Ha ha ha!! OH YEAH, Gay Beach Weekend!! SHRUG… embrace the gay!!

SO, we went out dancing Sunday night. Yeah, we were probably getting checked out. I know I got a few extra smiles from chicks, but hanging out with lesbians all night was so much fun!! Drinks were flowing and get this, I didn’t feel JUDGED. Not even a little bit. In fact, I felt gorgeous and super confident! I was able to shake my booty all night long and not worry about what anyone else thought about me. I know I should feel like that all the time, but come on ladies, we want the men to look. Everyone wants to be desired. Which ends up making us feel sexy and insecure all at once. Not tonight. Free to dance and to be goofy silly ridiculous me. Shake it shake it baby!!

Pensacola was short lived. The beaches were all closed due to high winds and dreams of parasailing, kayaking, and swimming were denied. So we headed west with a stop in Foley for some shopping.


Upon return, Jake got really sick. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that on Friday he devoured 5 days worth of food (that’s a bit over 10 cups of food) in one sitting. Holy bloated. Poor guy. I Googled what to do and followed closely. I figured, he’s a lab, labs do this sort of thing all the time. I walked him plenty on Saturday and 4 elephant poos later, I felt like he was gonna be fine. In fact, he played on the beach with us all afternoon Sunday. Jumping the waves and rolling in sand, I was sure he was fine. He definitely had diarrhea but I knew that was coming. It was Monday that I started to get concerned. He was super fidgety and things just didn’t seem right. Phil and I agreed if he wasn’t back to “normal” by Tuesday morning, I’d take him to the vet. We woke up Tuesday morning to vomiting. MY POOR BABY!! I rushed him to the vet and explained our weekend. Doc thinks a combination of binge eating and the whole weekend adventure – maybe even picked up a bug or a touch of pancreatitis. He pumped him full of some meds and sent us off. He seems to be feeling quite better but I’m going to just let him (make him) rest for the next few days. I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to my sweet boy :O

Filling up my time on the coast meeting up with athletes, working for Run-N-Tri, and enjoying time with friends before heading north in a few days…