If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Pink Hair Day

"Lisa McCombs."
"The girl with the pink hair."


Maybe your hair doesn't define you, but it definitely helps!
Your hair is a statement of your style, your mood; an affirmation of beauty; an expression of self-love.
And it is important.
It's not "just hair". It's not "just color".
It is life changing. It CAN wreck your entire day, week, month! Sure it grows back. Sure you can change it up... But that doesn't make BAD okay.


And mine, it's become my signature. I love my pink hair. I feel good when it looks pretty. I'm sad when it fades away. So with new plans for more pink, I had quite the experience for a new look...

This is beautiful, it's exactly what I want:


This is what we're working with:


After some bleach, some dye, and a rinse... we discover it's not taking. So we try some more dye:

But now I have wings!!??:

Tomorrow is a new day...
More bleach - shit my hair is going to fall out:

Goodbye wings!! Give me brown back!!

And it looks like the pink is sticking!!

We're almost there...

YES! This is it!!

I love my pink. I love my pink!!


It's bright, it's bold, it's PINK!

Thank you to Gena May Lea at Shear Infusionz for not giving up!