If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

My week

Arrived in Houston on Tuesday. Orientated myself and planned my pre-race week...
Parked on the side of road near athlete check in, cooked a quick dinner, and was up way too late unable to sleep. Normal life. Nothing exciting. Except for the fact that I can park and sleep on the side of the road.

Up early and ready to run Wednesday morning. 30 minute run and headed to athlete check in.
Bib #834, I'm all set!
Moved RV to hotel and begged for an early check-in. Score. (staying in hotel so I can spread out a little and Kim and Anissa will be joining me Thursday). Did my gear layout, cleaned my bike, took an amazing nap and long hot shower. I'm calm. And ready.
Met Mike (my buddy from Ohio) and John (my new buddy from Team Zoot) for dinner at Kona Grill <--- so appropriate, right!? Calamari and sushi. Yes, I'm a sushi addict. Back to the hotel for some Jakey love and early bedtime.

With no alarm set and no where to be, waking up Thursday was amazingly peaceful. I feel like I'm on vacation!! I had some cereal and coffee and took Jake for a long walk (he was terrorized by a squirrel!!). Wandered around Target for a bit, Marshall's, and re-searched the RV for my Ironman necklace (which is MIA *sad face*). Met JG, Tish, Becky, and a few TTB's for lunch at Express Cafe. Sushi? No, a BLT <-- my other addiction. Bacon is so good! I was a little bummed and feeling lonely today. JG to the rescue. He picked me up while the girls slept and we wandered around the expo. Guess what!? I won a free LifeProof case for my iPhone!! Well, JG won one but she let me get one too. It's not pink but I'm gonna work on that! Back to the hotel for more RnR. Looking for pasta for dinner...
Scored some spaghetti and meatballs and a glass of wine at Carraba's with Kim, Anissa, Tish, JG, Becky, and Casey.
Early to bed.

Friday we headed to the Ironman swim for a short little warm up followed by bike check in <--- holy mud pitt btw. Then we popped in with the expo for a few minutes. Wrapped all that up, ate some lunch, and just chilled for the day. A super nice relaxing day + dinner at Chili's <--- you always know what you're getting! Early to bed again and slept like a champ!!

Saturday - Ironman Texas!! Race report to come!!