If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 13/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, August 19, 2019 - I started my morning at the VA (follow up appointments) with the intent of swimming after. Guys, I was so tired, I had to come straight home. I napped on and off, played with grandma, and just worked. Tomorrow will be a tri day and today is obviously a body demanded

Tuesday, August 20 - to Piqua for a swim at the Y, brick bike, and brick run. Errands and details w/the grands and work to complete this Tuesday. Missed some time w/a friend today - Blah. But like she said, family first. And I managed to get about 2 hours of work on the farm done too before the storms. Ultimately, felt pretty accomplished even with the low(er) mileage.
SWIM 1,600m + BIKE 14 mile + RUN 3 mile

Wednesday, August 21 - headed to Huber Y today. Why would the Piqua and Troy Y's do a pool closure overlap!? 4 whole days overlap!!
Guess what?! The Huber Y pool was closed too!! They are all doing shutdowns right now for painting and repair. We made our way to Fairborn however and it was open but we only had 1 hour before a class started. I was able to get in 2,500yd instead of my scheduled 4,000 - will do some rearranging. Shopping w/mom to follow and lunch at Skyline.
SWIM 2,500yd

Thursday, August 22 - it's raining, it's storming, the old man is... am I just making excuses? I can try to get this in in between showers, right!? We'll see how the day unfolds. On and off storms made it too tough to get out so I called today a Rest Day and spent the afternoon w/some of my girlfriends (while I still have mom here to assist). Weather demanded:

Friday, August 23 - so this morning I woke up a little late but it's okay, I have a long swim. Because all the pools are closed, I shot over to the Vandalia Rec. Before leaving the house, I called and they said, YES, the lap swimming is open. I arrived and it was NOT! It was full of a class and not open until 12:30 (it was before 9). I was so ticked off!! If it's not done early enough, I lose the time (and momentum) because I need to be here w/gma. I stormed home. This week is not unfolding as planned - GRUMBLE!! The plan was Fri long swim, Sat long run, Sun long bike and now I'm having to rearrange and reconfigure. I got some farm work done, hauling wood so at least I got ST in.

Saturday, August 24 - up early for the long run and I nailed it!! Cheryl biked alongside me. We went from the farm in Troy allllll the way to Bob Evans in Piqua where we met Billy for some breakfast and a ride back. 
RUN 16 miles

Sunday, August 25 - another early morning to the Wright Wride hosted by Dayton Cycling Club for 100 miles. Is this my first century for this year ?? I think it is! It was a rough day, very windy and I was super fatigued. But w/Cheryl, we got it done!! 
BIKE 100 miles

The week got a little messy and missed my big swim + an extra rest day due to rain BUT...
Weekly Totals:
Swim x 2 x 4,100 (missing a 4,000)
Bike x 114 miles (missing a 2 hour due to rain)
Run x 19 miles (missing a 1 hour due to rain)