If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 10/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, July 29, 2019 - big time rest day!

Tuesday, July 30 - recovery swim for 1,500 yards. Felt very heavy and slow. Met the girls for lunch at BW's and ended up staying until bedtime :O Momma Mia!!

Wednesday, July 31 - was going to go get another swim today but grandma took a hard left turn. We ended up calling in hospice. I cleaned the house. Gave Jake a bath. And spent family time.

Thursday, Aug 1 - 27min run and to the pool for a 1,600 yard swim + a quick ST session.

Friday, Aug 2 - out on the bike for 70 miles (with mom). Was a bit slow but that's mostly because we were winging it with the route and had to make a few map stops. Later, Brittnie (my cousin) arrived from FL to spend time with grandma.

Saturday, Aug 3 - morning working in the barns, taking care of grandma, and preparing for this afternoon surprise birthday party for mom. Success!!
No Training

Sunday, Aug 4 - shot out for an early morning run but I felt terrible. I had to stop a few times for possible vomiting. Nothing ever came but every time I ran, it was there. Decided to delay this long run.
mini RUN

I'm disappointed in my weekly totals. Each time I feel revved up and motivated for a new week, it fades into this, that, and the other. I feel optimistic for a good next week though!