If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 5/20 Ironman Kona

Did you know it was triathlon week? Me neither! Who makes this stuff up and why didn't I get the memo!!?? I totally would have made a cake or something!


Monday, June 24, 2019 - starting out the week strong! In the pool by 0630 for 3,000 yards. WOO! Followed that up with 20mins in the gym of strength training and ran the 1.5 miles home. THEN, started the power washing job. 3 houses to go!! Later, walked Jake w/mom for 2 miles (fast walk!!) Ouch! and was done!
SWIM 3000 - ST Session - RUN 1.5 miles - WALK 2 miles


Tuesday, June 25 - up early and out for a run. I had a big goal but finished with 7 miles. Breakfast and shopping w/grandma and mom today followed by more power washing. 1 house done!! It's harder work than it sounds!! Took Jake for a long walk and play in the creek and helped Cheryl design her kids triathlon flyer. What. A. Day. Heard from Luca - few more days!!! (SUNDAY!!)
RUN 7 miles

Wednesday, June 26 - terrible night of sleep, wow!! And horrible, violent nightmare!! Plenty of errands on the schedule today so I think I'm turning today into a rest day... bike work, chiro, pedi, a few other tasks and a nap that knocked me out for an hour. I know! I never nap!! Clearly I needed it.
Tomorrow is another day for training so I'm okay with today's spontaneous "rest". Dinner w/friends to really top this productive Wednesday.


Thursday, June 27 - morning swim w/mom for 2,000 yards. We did all sorts of fun speed stuff followed by a ST session in the gym. Back at the grands, I continued power washing starting on Uncle Joe's house. Late afternoon in meetings and catching up on some work. Luca arrived home today (in Sarzana). SO HAPPY he's off the ship and I cannot WAIT until he gets here (Sunday).
SWIM 2000 - ST Session

Friday, June 28 - 40min run this morning. Out for 7mins w/mom easy warm up + 2 miles at comfortable pace + cool down w/mom again. More power washing. WOW, my arms are smoked!
RUN 3.5 miles

Saturday, June 29 - we were up super early to head to Delaware for a 59 mile bike ride on the Ohio 70.3 course. Good stuff! Really great group ride, course, and day!! I'm proud of and super impressed with performance. No power washing today, but grocery shopping for the grands and chores around the house.
BIKE 59 miles.

Sunday, June 30 - final day of June and the night Luca arrives!!! Final day of power washing and I was super wiped today!! Billy got cows so now we have cows (and chickens and ducks, soon to have goats too) <-- so excited about all this!! No training. But I took a nap ;)

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 2 = 5000 yards
Bike x 1 = 59 miles
Runs x 3 = 12
Still some low mileage but I'm still early in my training and have a lot a lot (to be discussed later) going on. I'm really happy to be in Ohio though. So happy!! And even happier that Luca is arriving tonight. The next 2 weeks might be touch and go with training but I need time with my guy.

I'm ready and excited for Ohio 70.3 coming up soon too!! The bike course (rode on Saturday) is fantastic!! Flat for 40 then some rolling hills. Great roads (w/the exception of one). And just excited to race right here at "home".
Cheers to another week (and the month of June) gone.