If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 2/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, June 3, 2019 - up early to pack the house, a short adventure in Rimini w/Max and Carrie, and a drive back to Sarzana for a reset. Luca will leave again at the end of this week and I need to work, train, and prepare for a summer in the states! And Jake needs a bath!!

Tuesday, June 4 - reset day!! All the laundry! All the cleaning and putting away! All the preparations for the next 3 weeks... Also mowed the yard, cleaned the house, and gave the dog a bath and grooming *insert accomplished sweaty girl*
Finally, when the day was done, Luca was home and studying, I jumped on the trainer for an intense 30min KickR session. I also wanted to run but at this point, it's dinner time...
BIKE (trainer) 30mins

Wednesday, June 5 - I couldn't make it to the pool today so I did a ST session at home instead. Our to do list is piling up and I've decided to wait out these next few weeks while Luca is gone and we'll travel to the states together. The logistics of coming solo are a nightmare since I'll be packed and loaded for basically 4 months which includes Kona.
ST Session

Thursday, June 6 - spent the morning and early afternoon working (it was raining) - always plenty to do in the world of adoption! Managed to grab an hour on the KickR w/a ST Session to really sweat it all out! Late dinner w/my Luca after getting him packed and ready for another mission.
BIKE (trainer) 1 hour
ST Session

Friday, June 7 - gone again. My message from FB:
Today's heartache: military life is hard. Shipping our guys and gals off on missions - to war or training is a huge, painful sacrifice. Sometimes we get lucky and have weeks together between missions. And sometimes we have 2 hours. It's unpredictable and can make planning life very difficult. A family must learn to live together and apart. There's extra trust involved, extra patience, and one must be heavily armored with independence.

Since my brother died I have this unnerving sense of time. It's so short. And wasted. And unforgiving; it's going to show up everyday and pass no matter what. And this time, I'm so scared to lose it. I'm so afraid that it's wasted on insignificant and unimportant matters. So whether it's 3 days or 3 weeks apart, it's time we never get back.
At the end of his life, that's all he cared about, my brother - time.

Steering away from sadness, here's the message:
1. If you are a military family - GOOD JOB - it's hard and you're making it work. You make sacrifices beyond what most can even comprehend. (this goes for any family that spends significant time apart)
2. Appreciate the time you have with your family/spouse, friends or others. At this point in my life more than ever, I'm realizing that "together" is the most important way to be. Sure we all have our individual goals and dreams, our solitary paths. But at the end of it all, it's the TIME shared TOGETHER that's going to count the most.
Don't waste it.

I'm hoping my heart cheers up and I make it to the pool today. My motivation has been a little low this week - but I want a big weekend: swim today, long run tomorrow, and long bike Sunday. It's the only way to keep myself distracted from yet another stupid mission (this is the third back to back).
The swim never happened. I better get it together if I'm going to make it through these next few weeks - if I'm going to make it through Kona!

Saturday, June 8 - 10 mile run this morning. That's more like it!! It was hard and I was sore (ST Sessions) but it's always so gratifying to hit your mile goals, right! That's how we do!!! RAHH!!!
States flight booked...
RUN 10 miles

Sunday, June 9 - 2 hours on the trainer this morning. Don't ask me why I didn't go outside - we've talked about this, right!? AH, what's my problem!! Stop being a pansy Lisa!!
BIKE (trainer) 2 hours