If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 1/20 Ironman Kona

I am officially 20 weeks from the Ironman World Championship race in Kona. This is the big one guys! This is the one I've been working hard for since 2012. Can you believe it!? I'm going to Kona! I will be racing alongside (behind) the BEST, FASTEST, STRONGEST triathletes in the entire WORLD. Wow. It still feels far enough way to get ready, so that's good. But I know the time is going to fall from under me and then I'll be in panic mode. So I have to stay present and committed!!

I've worked out my schedule for (basically) the next 20 weeks. In that time will include Ohio 70.3 and a huge chunk of time spent in the states. Luca and I decided that given my fear of biking here, my presence needed in Ohio to help care for gma/gpa, and a few other factors, a couple months in the states is ideal to really feel/be ready. Hopefully missions will allow him to spend some of that time with me in the states too. So, that's kind of exciting (and scary) <-- hate being apart. But ideal.

Ooh, I'm really excited about this weekend too!! We were all supposed to go together, but Luca is back in Rome and won't come home until Sunday evening. But we have tickets with Carrie and Max (our Milan friends) to the Rimini Fitness Festival. Holy moly I'm so excited! It's basically 4 full days of fitness classes, vendors, expo, stuff, equipment, new trends, seminars, courses, certifications - all things fitness!!! I'll leave on Friday (or Thursday)...

Monday, May 27, 2019 - poor night sleep, up w/Jake multiple times for potty (the rack of ribs drama...) and bad dreams. Sigh... Despite, up w/coffee and it's a rainy morning. I'll go swim at 11:30 and see about a short brick run (weather dependent). Call me a puss, but I refuse to run in cold rain. It's one thing if I'm already running and it starts raining, but to START in the rain?! I don't think so batman.

The pool was a little busy and I felt like lead. Worse than that, I grabbed the wrong goggles and I couldn't keep them clear nor dry. UGHHH! When I got punched hard in the hand at 1000m in, I was pissed and called it a day. The gal saw it happened, asked if I wanted ice. No, I want you guys to organize the pool...

My day ended up not so good. You can say...emotional. Tomorrow will be a better day.
SWIM 1000m

Tuesday, May 28 - up and (finally) prepared for bloodwork. I say finally because I have to make sure I haven't done a hard workout, that I fast for a period of time prior to, no drinking... and don't wake up and take my meds (which I have accidentally done twice when I had planned to get labs - good grief). So I'm headed...

With that done, medicine in, coffee pumping, I'm on the KickR for a 90min endurance ride w/3x20sec sprints. I'm debating adding yesterday's run to today... First I need some food! And/but it's off and on raining again today. So I'm working and getting ahead of the weekend game since I'll be Rimini Fitness Festival'ing!!!
BIKE (trainer) 90mins

Wednesday, May 29 - having a rough time w/this whole weather situation... it's raining again!! AHH, is it ever going to be summer!? I've got plenty to do today anyway - packing, cleaning, preparing for the weekend. But still! Grumble! No training.

Thursday, May 30 - good morning! Headed to Rimini for the Rimini Fitness Festival!! WOOO!! A 3 hour drive (+ stops) and we arrived to our AirBNB where Max and Carrie will meet us tomorrow and Luca will arrive on Sunday night. Jake and I check the place out, get our bearings, and shoot out for a long walk. Once again, no training.

Friday, May 31 - the last day of May; I took a short exploratory run - only about 3 miles before Max and Carrie arrived. It's fitness weekend time... (a full blog on Rimini Wellness Festival to come!!)
Flyboard Yoga
Trampoline SuperJump Class
AquaCoreo Class

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - is summer here yet!? It is in Rimini!! To the wellness festival for day 2!...
Fit Box
Runner's Yoga
Group Cycling

Sunday, June 2 - final day of fitness w/Max and Carrie and Luca arrives this evening.
sunrise Beach run
AntiGravity Yoga
Fit Box
After all that fun, we explored downtown Rimini, the beach, and had some piadina's - a Rimini speciality!!

Tomorrow we rest and head back to Sarzana!!