If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Coming to America!

It's official!! Jake and I are spending our summer in the states. There is both some angst and excitement about this decision but, as a family, we've decided it's a smart summer.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 8.48.19 AM

We'll arrive early July with our Luca. After a month, Luca will return to Italy and we'll Ohio on...

While he spends August flying, I'll be hardcore training for Kona. September will be the hardest because I know I'll be missing my life something fierce. But we'll train through - fight for what we want - and meet back up in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championshipppppp!!! (that was written in my WWF voice).

To help us all make sense of this, let's discuss:

1) my family. Grandma is getting worse, Grandpa is close behind, Uncle Joe has troubles, and Cheryl is doing it all solo! Mom is headed north for the summer too. The farm needs the extra hands (and paws) and I'm a great candidate! I'll basically move in with the grands helping with chores, appointments, cooking, and keeping the farm up.

2) training. We all know how unsafe I feel biking here and will (more often than I like to admit) skip my bike ride out of fear. I mean, I don't want to die biking in Italy! I just don't!
Kona is LEGIT. I do NOT want to fail so it means I need to work my ass off for it. The comfort and safety of cycling in Ohio - on country roads that I know and love, on bike paths that are safe and well biked, with friends and family that I desperately miss - it's genius!!
I don't even know what it's like to swim solo in a lane anymore so that's pretty exciting too!

3) Jake. I'm truly worried. I won't get in to full detail right now, but I want him to be seen by our Tipp vet. I think he needs a full scan of his esophagus/lungs/chest. I don't think "he's just getting older", I think something is wrong. And it scares me and I want to discuss it - in English - with docs that I trust. Obviously I hope and pray that he is just getting older and there's nothing more serious going on and I'm just being a paranoid momma. The only way to know can be found in Tipp City.

Primarily though, this summer is about FAMILY and TRAINING for Kona 👈🏼.
In the big scheme of things, Luca and I will only be apart for 2 months. And we'll both be so busy, we know it will FLY BY. Oh fly, ha ha, see what I did there? Because he'll be flying. HAAAA!
(and yes, there is that psychotic desperate Lisa in there screaming TWO MONTHS!? That's 60 days! That's like 1500 hours! We can't miss that much time with our love! Life is too short! I can't breathe without our Luca! But But But!!!). She's the one that gets fed chill pills.

So, now that we know what's happening, PLEASE, sign me up for ALL the races!! Join me for ALL the rides and runs! Let's make some real life plans and not let any of these days pass us by!
What else is happening July/August/September that I can NOT miss!?!?

Ohio 70.3 is July 28th - I'll be there for sure!