If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Operation Postcard


The Italian Poste is said to be the worst postal service in the world. I bet there are parts of Africa or Antarctica though that can compete... Anyway...

Because my experience stands only w/postcards (which btw, I've just learned is ONE word)...
I tend to think there is a shredder on the way out of the country and they just Zzzzhhh them all through. I've sent a few over the last couple months and not a single one has made it to it's destination. WHAT GIVES!?!
But/and I also sent one from Paris and it arrived in a week. So I KNOW I'm not crazy... (p.s. France is rated as having the 2nd best postal service in the world. Switzerland ranking at #1. Italy didn't even make the list. U.S. is 13th). 


So ANYway... #operationpostcard has commenced. 
I have asked 10-15 of my friends to help (responses were overwhelming and I've had to cut it off with 40 volunteers)... What's going to happen is, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be collecting postcards from some of my favorite Italian towns. I'm going to send them out to my friends from various post offices and means, tracking each one. The moment it arrives, receiving friend will GET SUPER EXCITED and message or call me to let me know it's arrived. Boom, data complete!! Am I going to do anything with this data? Uhm, no. Probably not. But it's going to be FUN!!! And I'm excited to send postcards!! 

When ever I'm wandering around a new little town or city I always WANT to send a postcard but I'm like, but to WHO!? Thinking no one actually wanted one. Boy was I wrong!! I mean, I should have known, I LOVE GETTING MAIL!! And especially postcards! They're so dreamy! Or funny! Or cute!! Maybe I should have just started collecting them Hmmm... NO!! I want to SEND THEM!! And now I realize there are (more than) 40 friends who definitely want one!! So they're coming!! 


Second part is, friend is going to send me back a postcard (hopefully from their town so I can start a collection) and we'll see how long it takes to arrive back to me. I think mail is better coming in than going out. And then the data cycle will truly be complete.

Some friends/family might receive a different postcard - one from a picture I make. Purpose, sometime I'm really proud of my photos and feel they SHOULD be postcards - so I'm going to make them postcards! And because I have SO many volunteers for my project, I just want to send hello's and hearts. Okay?

Good, let's get Op-per-rating... Follow along at #operationpostcard (all one word) #triouradventure