If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Dilapidation to Relaxation!


This project has been on my mind for some time now. Outdoor furniture is crazy expensive in Italy! As a Pinterest follow-through kinda gal I knew it would be easy and cheap once I got my hands on some pallets. Alas the day has come... Unfortunately the 5 I was given were falling apart, some broken, and just all together dilapidated. They were also each different in size.

I spent some time cleaning them up and repairing the 3 most salvageable (one, which will become the back, is the nicest one). Each were then painted and topped with "aqua-gel" to protect the wood.
I secured the pallets together; most importantly the back, which is sturdy for leaning but also flexible!

The back cushions are thin chair cushion toppers I found at our local Chinese store.
The seat cushion is a large piece of egg shell foam covered w/plastic (but soft) tablecloth and then a dog bed that I also found at the Chinese store. And of course, the pillows for back comfort.

The result? I have an outdoor "couch" that's cute and coincides w/my little patio garden theme.