If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Freeda Wander Consignment

Posted on my FaceBook...

I turned Freeda Wander over to Camping World consignment shop today. What does that mean? They'll sell it for me at whatever price they want and make my payoff. That means no profit for me, but I got my value out of her, I'm okay with that. Their exposure is much greater than mine so she'll sell fast (fingers and toes crossed!!).

It's bittersweet though. Seeing her parked there, so clean and crisp, ready for a new adventure... I wanted to rewind and experience it all again. Even the bad times! Do you guys remember when there was a frog stuck in my tailpipe?! HA HA HA! I have that video somewhere. And how about when that damn carbon monoxide detector kept going off!? To the point that I literally ripped it out of the wall! That freaking thing went off EVERY SINGLE DAY! Made me CrAzY!!

I broke most of my dishes in that RV, stubbed my toe on every corner, banged my elbow with every shower, and grumbled my way to a laundromat every. single. time. Sometimes I sat on the step and cried; why did I choose this life. And sometimes (most times) I sat on that same step, usually with a cup of coffee, hanging out in my pink robe, really pleased, so at peace, HAPPY with life. I had to dump my own poo. HAHAHA!!! *facepalm*

We didn't make all the trips I wanted to but we sure did make some drives. Even our first trip from AZ to MS we found ourselves at an ER in somewhere Texas. Ha ha. I froze her solid going to Kansas in January. I relaxed on our family farm in Ohio. I lived in my brothers back yard through cancer recovery! We found some of the best and worst RV parks you can imagine. We lived in Florida with a serial killer on the loose. We found a horse ranch in Louisiana and called it home for 3 days because it was just so peaceful. We stayed in several Walmart parking lots, several truck stops, and twice just on the side of the road. I shared company with only a few friends, a couple races, and mom was a regular guest. Sometimes I felt embarrassed and sometimes I felt like Queen of the world. But mostly, I was comfortable. She was mine. I had everything I needed and everything had it's place.

You called it an RV, a mobile home, a camper, and even a trailer. I called it HOME. She gave me freedom. Freedom from a life of "stuff" and "restriction". Freedom to be me, go, experience, live, wander. And now I hope she'll give someone else that same freedom. Living in an RV taught me a lot about materialism, patience, being neighborly, retirement, freedom, possessions aren't as important as relationships, escape, loneliness, planning, spontaneity, flexibility, who my real friends are, solving problems, staying calm, a clean home is a happy home, cars drive too fast and have no respect for bigger vehicles, it doesn't really cost that much to travel, the good outweighs the bad, being comfortable being uncomfortable, and being enough.

She changed my life.
And here's to NEW adventures...