If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Up AND Down ~ Accountability

Sometimes I'm standing on top of the world with my arms reached high feeling like a champion and sometimes I feel like I'm sliding down the edge trying to grab on to anything for dear life!
Or that at least describes my motivation lately ~ up and down!!
Champion to Loser from day to day...

Conquering a near 3 hour run on Saturday (last 2 with Luca) felt great but then Sunday I didn't want to do ANYTHING! We settled for a 2,000m row, 45min spin, and light bi/tri/ab workout. I performed like garbage though!!

Monday proved to be another blah with NO desire to go ride my bike. Instead I ran 3.2 miles with Erwin (Team TOA Elite release run). We felt great at 9:44min miles but thank goodness for him or I think I would have cheated myself!!

Today is Tuesday and I pulled off a 4,000 meter swim. This felt okay although not my fastest time at 1:36. Pretty normal for me though. I thought I was going to go bike 4 hours today but with 6 on the schedule for Friday, I don't think it's going to happen. And tonight is CrossFit night, will I go !?!...
I WENT!! Ceeeeelllllebrate good times, come on!!
400m warm up before we built up to our 3 max deadlift. Trying to gain technique skills I didn't get too heavy. Then a 7 round team endeavor consisting of 5 deadlifts + 5 pull-ups. You break in between only long enough for partner to complete his/her 5+5. Thank goodness I was teamed up with another rookie ;) and a 400m cool down. Rocked it! Felt so good being back at the gym!!

Wednesday I was right back down but I think this whole week has to do with one ugh unwelcome visitor. Being a chick sucks sometimes!! I attempted to run but someone tied bricks to my legs, stabbed me in the knee, and colored all my motivation black. So I went to the gym instead. I rowed 2000 meters followed by a pretty intense strength training sesh, practiced my pull-ups, and worked abs. I ate bad and went to bed early. Tomorrow HAS to be better!

Thursday started with an easy 30min continuous swim. I forgot my shoes so no spinning (although I have 100 mile bike ride tomorrow anyway). I sat in the steam room for a bit and sweated out my awful dinner (I'll spare you the details).

Thank goodness for Friday right? I was up and ready for my 100 mile bike ride. The fog was heavy around Woolmarket so I ended up waiting until a bit after 8. But got it done. 6 hours on the nose. The last 20 miles SUCKED against the wind (which I totally knew was coming too). What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Luca is coming tonight...

Saturday. Thank goodness for my team getting me through a 5 mile, 50 minute run! Spent the day with Luca recovering these achy legs. I say that, but also know, if I sat still like my body often wants, I would hurt so much more.

Sunday. A legit rest day spent in New Orleans.