If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Recovery in Kansas

I am now on a recovery week. Crazily, I feel like I haven't done much lately. That can't be true, right? Time to scroll through Training Peaks...

After a long weekend with Tri the Gulf, I took a Lisa day Monday. No training. Truth is, I just had so much to do, to include a return trip from the best weekend at Dauphin Island!


Tuesday: with all intentions to swim today, I flew to Kansas instead. Phil asked me to come up and help before he deploys again so I packed up Jake and here we are. KANSAS (and it's COLD here!!)
(moving stuff)

Wednesday: gym bike for about 50mins. Super uncomfortable! I was half laying down half sitting up and my piriformis was screaming! Pool closed for the winter ~ ugh! It's indoors!?!? At least I did a little bit of something...
(moving stuff ~ may have broken knuckle RUH ROH!)

Thursday: finished helping Phil. Knuckle is swollen and ouch!! Returned to Gulfport.
(moving stuff)

Friday: as I was preparing for a 4-5 hour bike ride I realized that it wasn't scheduled yet. NEXT WEEK is my big week; this is still recovery week!! Errands and work and headed to Florida for the weekend...

Saturday: 16.75 miles (over half of that with Luca). In fact, if weren't for him I would have stopped at 1:15 because I was tired and felt like vomiting. We got it done together *hearts*