If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Give me MORE!!

Monday, Sept 26th: 1 hour run for 5.3 miles. What a hot morning and boy is my body heavy!! My rib cage is still a bit sore from last week's CF, the rower maybe?? Hello NEW MUSCLES!! Ha ha!!
3100m swim as 4 x 250 (swim, kick, pull, swim), 1900 ladder (300, 275, 250...), cool down. Luckily my buddy JG joined me otherwise I might have bailed out.

Tuesday, Sept 27th: got my monthly shot this a.m. and had a meeting immediately after. Workouts came in the afternoon today:
Swim: 1250m (rained out before finishing 1500)
CrossFit WOD ~ was LEGIT...
quick warm up then pull-ups: 5 negative, 15sec rest, as many as I could laying down and pulling up (like an upside down push-up), L sit, repeat 4 times. THEN, 5 rounds of 400m sprint, 10 toe to bar, 20 push-ups. WHOA! I was smoked!!

Wednesday, Sept 28th: I woke up feeling very uneasy today... I have no idea!! Not sick or anything, just a deep nervous feeling. I worked at the shop.

Thursday, Sept 29th: I ran tons of errands in the morning and grabbed at 2,500 meter swim in the afternoon. My biceps are ridiculously sore from Tuesday. Still. Bummed, no CF today because I have a race on Saturday.

Friday, Sept 30th: to Pensacola Ironman!!...

Saturday, Oct 1st: raced Santa Rosa Island Triathlon (sprint)
600 yard swim
18 mile bike
3.1 mile run

Sunday, Oct 2nd: open water swim in Pensacola but I kept running into jellyfish. I just couldn't handle that and called it a day.