If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

... and Taking Names


Phil and I accomplished so much more in Kansas than just moving him out and selling his truck. We sorted out some personal affairs between one another and even more, we are HAPPY for each other. Well, actually, he's really happy for me and I released that "control" for him to be happy too. Not that I was keeping him from being happy or bossing his life, but often we don't realize that we might be the one holding someone back. And I think he heard what he needed to hear for true freedom from our marriage. I know, we have such an unusual relationship. But guess what? It's ours. We get it.

And for me, moving on is easy, but I guess letting go was harder than I thought it would be.

With that, I have decided to take back my maiden name BUT, I don't want to do that either so I'm in the midst of deciding what my last name WILL be. I thought about Lisa Jennifer and be without a last name. That way if/when I do remarry it will be a blank space and I can either take his or not. BUT, Luca made a great point, people will begin calling me Miss Jennifer and Jennifer is not my name, it's LISA! So maybe I'll call myself Lisa Lisa (I wonder if the Cult Jam has any copyrights on that...).
In any regard, I am no longer McCombs nor Johnson. I am just Lisa. I mean, Madonna, Cher, and Prince did it!

The problem with this, I'm not quite prepared to spend an extra 10mins with every pizza delivery, credit card call, airline conversation, or hotel reservation explaining that my last name is N/A or none. *annoying* Plus I don't think I want to be Miss None. HA!!
I'll come up with something...

In the meantime, I continue to celebrate each day, each moment and yes, I am exploring a new relationship. Come on...you guys know I don't share EVERYTHING! ;) 
But I am more genuinely happy than I've been in a long time. Especially after feeling like I had lost so much and disappeared so low into myself. 
I feel super strong again and discovering new passion for a better me. 
I have also been training for one final Ironman to wrap up my season... 

"Day after day train your heart out, refining your technique. That is the discipline of the WARRIOR."