If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Is 9 hours really necessary!?


Do you ever go to sleep with no alarm set for the next morning? I'm guessing that most of you chuckle, "I wish" as you throw your 5am wake up across the room. Don't be mad at me, but most nights I'm lucky enough to not have to set an early alarm HOWEVER I'm usually up and ready to go at least no later than 6am.

This morning I'm watching the light creep in my home and think, oh it must be 6:30ish, I slept long... it's almost 8. EIGHT!? What the heck was I doing all night!? I'm yelling at myself doing some quick math... I said goodnight to Luca at 10pm so probably asleep by 10:15... 8!? That's almost 10 hours of sleep!! Come on body, is this really necessary? Do I really need that much sleep!? (as you can imagine, now I'm sitting here Googling/researching "how much sleep do I need a night?" LOL... It says 7-9 hours (for adults age 26-64).

I'm an overachiever.

Anyway, part of a healthy lifestyle is making sure you get enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has all kinds of great information and tips and releases annual updates with good hardy research to back it. Imagine being a part of THAT research!! Zzzzzzz........

Good morning world and I hope you are beautifully rested with a perfect amount of Z's for your day! *hearts and sunshine*