If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

the GLUE


Accountability is the glue that connects commitment to results. And even though I have the discipline to hold myself accountable, the weight gets heavy. I need my people to help keep me on track!!

So once again, I'm documenting my daily training; I will release it every Sunday.

Ironman Wisconsin is in 5 short weeks and I have a 70.3 in the midst of that.

It's been 1 week since my last Ironman and I am officially back to the grind...

Sunday, Aug 7 - 45 mile bike ride in 2hours 35mins. I biked on the path between Urbana and Springfield. It's exactly 15 miles. I really could have/should have just biked it twice solid but I'll admit, I started to get bored and then achey legs caught up with me at the end. I was okay to be done at 45. Looks like I'll be able to break 3 hours for my 70.3 bike in Delaware, Ohio (2 weeks away).
BIKE ~ 45 miles

Monday, Aug 8 - I took Jamie to James Cancer Center in Columbus this morning and drove to Cleveland this afternoon. No training.

Tuesday, Aug 9 - 1 hour bike on the Cleveland MetroParks Bike and Hike (see photo above). Even though it was only 16 miles, I did some RPE 8 intervals. There were quite a few intersection that I had to slow (and stop) for. Followed that up with 1400 meters in the pool.
BIKE ~ 16 miles
SWIM ~ 1,400 meters (.87 miles)

Wednesday, Aug 10 - got up first thing and ran 40 minutes with Brandon on the Bike and Hike trail. We managed negative splits for 4 miles. Later that day drove up to Marblehead and spent the day with the Kolar's.
RUN ~ 4 miles

Thursday, Aug 11 - an intentional rest day to drive to Detroit, explore a steamship, and return.

Friday, Aug 12 - woke up and got a ton of work done for the multitude of entities I work for. Hit the pool for a 3,600 meter swim.
SWIM ~ 2.2 miles

Saturday, Aug 13 - 6.5 mile run, a little slower than expected. But it's also a bit hotter than expected. I'm still in Cleveland and while it's hotter in the south, this north heat is just different. Kind of sucks the life right out of you where southern heat just sucks the liquid right out of you.
RUN ~ 6.5 miles

Week totals:
Swim: 3 miles
Bike: 61 miles
Run: 10.5 miles
And a trip to Cleveland, Marblehead, and Detroit, MI.

A lighter week for sure. I have to remind myself I'm only two weeks post Ironman Vineman. To be moving like I am is probably impressive.

I have Delaware 70.3 in one week and just a few short 3 weeks after that I will compete in Ironman Wisconsin. I finally, today, looked up the courses. The swim is one loop in a lake. I think I have that under control. With 5,000 feet of climbing the bike claims,  "takes riders 16 miles out of town before beginning two 40-mile loops in rural Dane County. These loops are extremely hilly, with many tough climbs and turns throughout." Oh boy! What have I gotten myself in to!?
And the run is no less scary, "the run course is quite challenging with multiple hills on each lap." I think I'm in for quite a treat!