If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Know Your Worth


I woke up this morning with a very serious thought: KNOW YOUR WORTH. I've preached it for years but am I knowing it myself? Have I allowed myself to be cheapened in a search for acceptance and love?

"Your value doesn't decrease by someone's inability to see your worth."

I will abandon my own needs. I will put all my energy into showing you your worth while mine is lost. I will give and give, expecting very little in return. 
And suddenly I find I am allowing myself to be disrespected and under appreciated. The worst part, my sense of self worth deteriorates. The treatment becomes okay, as if I don't deserve any better, and a vicious cycle unravels. 

But I deserve better, right? 


Take back control. I know my value. I know my worth! I don't need to settle for less than I deserve. 
I don't need to chase love or search for acceptance. 

I am worth it. 
I deserve better.