If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

4 Weeks to IMWI

Every training cycle, I have completed my biggest week this week (at least a 4000m swim, 100 mile bike, and 3 hour run) but different for this time, I have a 70.3 at the end of the week! I'm not sure how this is going to play out but I'm going for it!! So mostly tapering this week then back to Gulfport to finish up my training. I still plan to hit a 5 hour ride and a near 3 hour run in week 3 before IM taper. Again, I'll see what happens!! ;) ;)

Sunday Aug 15 - no training today but spent the day at Cedar Point. Holy moly I forgot how much I love roller coasters! Between the walking, sweating, and adrenaline, I think I got a unique workout.

Monday Aug 16 - traveled from Cleveland back to brothers house in West Liberty.
Booked flights and bike travel to Madison. Not feeling very well today. Fever. ???

Tuesday Aug 17 - up early for a quick doctors appointment to find out what's going on. I've got answers. But they're not answers I want to hear. Virus.
I still got a 1,500 yard swim in and 35 minutes on the spin bike. Remember, it's taper week for Delaware 70.3. Both workouts were short but intense effort.

Wednesday Aug 18 - slept in on purpose and shot over to Columbus to spend the day with Tiffany. We caught up, went shopping, and had lunch. Much needed after an ugly incident with the family. Unresolvable, I decided it's time to go.

Thursday Aug 19 - today I'm at this beautiful location and I will do all of the things...
I biked to the 70.3 swim spot. It was only 2.65 miles. Fast ride though besides the bumpy park roads. The water looks nice and calm; I think it will not be wetsuit legal...
I biked the 2.65 miles back, grabbed Jake, and ran 1 mile in 9:50. All short quick stuff today. Got some work done and plenty of relax time in the hammock with a book.

Friday Aug 20 - another lovely solo morning to do what I want to do. Sip my coffee in a hammock and read my book. Did that until it was time to pick up my race packet. The 70.3 is going to be great. Came to Mt. Gilead to hang out with David.

Saturday Aug 21 - 15mins on the bike, she's ready to go. 20mins in the lake, the water is great. 10min run, legs are also ready to go. Let's race 70.3 miles tomorrow!!