If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Guide to Happiness


Happiness isn't a constant state, it's a collection of moments.
And I have all of your answers in one list...
Start doing these things and I can promise you, HAPPINESS

1. drink a lot of water

2. eat a big breakfast, an average lunch, and a small dinner

3. eat fruits and vegetables and natural foods

4. go for a walk/run/swim/bike... exercise!

5. read a book. Or 20.

6. go to bed early

7. stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others

8. don't dwell on the past

9. enjoy little things in life

10. do not judge or compare yourself to others

11. do Yoga or mediation <--- swinging in a hammock for 15 minutes a day totally counts!

12. do not put things off

13. avoid processed food

14. stretch daily

15. listen to music

16. live in a tidy space

17. wear clothes that make you happy

18. throw away things you don't need

19. remember that all the efforts you are making now will pay in the end

20. smile

21. go outside and PLAY

22. commit to your goals

23. call someone you love

24. forgive

Happiness is a choice.

25. decide every morning to BE HAPPY