If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Curbing Munchies


You know darn well you're not hungry but the cravings are on full speed... you want to feel that crunch!! Taste that salt. Your mouth is drooling for chocolate! You need a sugar fix. You want to lock yourself in a room, bury yourself in a ball, or sew your mouth shut; Just...To...Beat...The...Cravinggggg!!!

I think this is so normal. Cravings usually mean you're lacking a specific nutrient OR, it's just a habit! And guess what that means!? You can replace bad cravings for good cravings AND you can change your bad habits. In the meantime, I'm going to offer a few easy tasks to complete before you attack your kitchen or bombard the mini mart.

First, many times when we're craving something, it means our body is in need of something else. Many times, it's WATER!! Dehydration can disguise itself as hunger or cravings or munchies. Try drinking a glass of water before you overflow your caloric intake.

Next, go for a walk. Not only is it a great distraction, it's good for you!!
I bet your pup needs walked, or your kids would love the mile or two with you! When's the last time you took a walk, hand in hand with your spouse, bf/gf !?

Call your mom. Or your dad. Or your grandparents. Or a friend. CALL ME!! Pick up the phone and call someone. Not only will this distract your craving, but it's HEALTHY and the person on the other end of the line, well, you'll probably make their day. I know most of my communication is in the form of texts, emails, and FB. I try to make it a point everyday to call someone. In fact, I'm ringing my mom now...

And the most obvious task: don't keep unhealthy snacks in your house! Control your environment! Always have fresh veggies, fruit, and nuts & seeds to quench that craving. If you have to have junk in your house for kids or spouse. Put it up, out of reach, behind closed doors and leave the good stuff in clear sight. I bet...your kids and spouse will follow your lead.