If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability is BACK!


I'm BACK!!
I never really went anywhere (well that's not true either, I don't STOP going somewhere!)... But that's not what I meant!! I meant with training. I've had enough Ironman recovery and I'm ready to start training again. Well, I don't stop training... I'm like a swimming, cycling, running, Ironman NINJA of training. Even when I'm not training, I'm training! When I'm training you, I'm training! When I'm sleeping...I'm training!! Muhahahhahahahaha! <--- that's my evil laugh insert

But for real, Coach needs a coach again!! I HAVE to keep accountability shared with my world or I fall into a deep dark circle of 'everything I do is worthless and I'm fat and gross and slow and I am never going to amount to anything' ...
I know, right!?

So here we go... WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY is back!! *cheers*
I have 14 weeks to NOLA Marathon, 22 weeks to NOLA 70.3, and 28 weeks to Ironman Brazil.

Mon, Nov 16: are you kidding me!? I logged somewhere between 21 and 25 miles yesterday chasing Tish around Ironman Arizona... I did pretty much NOTHING today!!

Tues, Nov 17: returned to Mississippi (do you sing the little song every time you type/write that?).

Weds, Nov 18: worked at Run-N-Tri in Slidell.
Hit a solid 5 mile recovery tempo like run in Diamondhead later that night.

Thurs, Nov 19: a 90 minute, 25 mile bike ride with Paul on the Trace in Slidell before working again at Run-N-Tri in Slidell. Woohoo!!! Feels good to be back on the bike!

Fri, Nov 20: met Amber and the guy she married at the Navy Base for a 30 minute strength training session (jumping jacks, sumo squats, deadlifts, curl and press, step up and press, crunches, and planks). Then we ran an easy 2.5 miles + .25 mile of lunges.

Sat, Nov 21: Thumbs up for Bill 5k + 2 miles. 1 before and 1 after. Spent the rest of day hanging out with Jake and the evening enjoying a Blue Moon with friends.

Sun, Nov 22: today was a bit of a down day ~in more ways than one. While my intention was to bike for 2 hours, I couldn't bring myself to it. Tomorrow is a new week!!