If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 18/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, Sept 23, 2019 - hospital
Tuesday, Sept 24 - hospital (discharged in the p.m.)

Wednesday, Sept 25 - feeling good after 12 hour sleep and very little pain/discomfort today. Obviously whatever had happened has passed. Did a test swim and felt good.
SWIM 2,000 yards

Thursday, Sept 26 - up early and out with mom for a 45min "test" ride. 15min warm up, 15mins of 1min sprint intervals, and 15mins cool down. I didn't pick up too too much speed just to be safe. Followed that up with a 45min run though which felt great! At least I'm able to hit my 11min miles and I had my breath! Woo!!
BIKE 45mins + RUN 45mins

Friday, Sept 27 - shot up to Caesar's Creek w/Josh, Lisa, and mom today. While Josh and Lisa swam 4,000, mom hit 2,400, and I sadly swam 1,500 - near shore. I'm just a chicken out there without a kayak. That also means I'm missing some distance. Later to the VA (yes again) and dinner w/dad.
SWIM 1,500yards

Super cool today, I was featured as a remarkable athlete for Kona Legacy. So exciting!! I feel so rockstar status!

Saturday, Sept 28 - 50 mile bike with mom and Cheryl this morning. We had quite a bit of headwind but I overall felt good. We worked hard on the farm the rest of the day, hauling metal out of the barn and into a giant bin.
BIKE 50 miles

Sunday, Sept 29 - to Deer Creek for mom to race an Oly Tri, Cheryl an Aqua Bike, and I ran long. I wanted 15 miles or near 3 hours but settled for 11.11. I felt good.
RUN 11 miles

Considering the week, the hospital, all the drama - I did okay this week w/2 swims, 2 bikes, and 2 runs. I'm on that final taper for Kona. I'm nervous and excited and all things! I'm so so so so SO happy to be seeing Luca. That's first. And then I'll dive into race nerves...