If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 15/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, Aug 31 - BIKE 50 miles + RUN 4 miles
Sunday, Sept 1 - RUN 5.5 miles

It's really mind blowing that I just typed September 1st. Can anyone else believe that it's September already!? Even more crazy is that I've been in Ohio since June. June 17th to be exact. Nearly 3 months. Who has two thumbs and is ready to go home!?

Monday, September 2, 2019 - Happy Labor Day! Twisted my schedule around due to a few appointments on the agenda this week. Originally today is a 1 hour bike and 30min run. I've decided to go for a semi-rest day but I think too, I'll do a September run streak. So I ran to ran! 30 mins. Later worked hard on the farm clearing the barn for the next set of cows. And of course, all kinds of grandma time.
RUN 2.6 miles

Tuesday, Sept 3 - up a little late this morning but still enough time to grab a 3,000 yard swim (was going to be a 1,000) - had to make sure I was back at the house for breakfast and pills. Followed by a very quick run (1 mile) - September run streak.
Worked through the morning, took grandma for a walk, and daily "chores" and appointments.
SWIM 3,000 yards + RUN 1 mile

Wednesday, Sept 4 - having a hard time getting up early lately. That's not good because I have to get my training done by 0900 when they get up. Or just a bit after (because I'll prepare the pills before I go). But, I need to be here for at latest after breakfast. So I had a 90min bike and 45min run scheduled. I only had time for the run. So at least I got that done. I have to figure out what's happening. This is the second bike this week I've skipped. I DO have a 100 this weekend, but still.
RUN 4 miles

The rest of the week is going to be tricky. I have an appointment in Columbus on Thursday and a VA appointment Friday early morning. I think I can grab that 90mins on the bike tomorrow before 9. And then Friday I can plan an evening swim.

Thursday, Sept 5 - woke up to fog and that's a big no to early morning biking. I used up the morning debating my next weeks of training and planning life in general. I'll head to Columbus and depending on what I can get done this evening, potentially call it a rest day. I feel like I'm failing myself with biking this week. ROLFING for the afternoon win and didn't manage a single workout.

Friday, Sept 6 - early early to the VA for an MRI - hopefully I get some answers for the sciatic/piriformis issues. Stopped at the Y for an 1,800 yard swim and 1 mile run (for my streak) before returning home.
SWIM 1,800 yards + RUN 1 mile

Saturday, Sept 7 - we decided to bike path it today - all 90 miles. That means no coasting - 90 miles of pedaling. And we can't get a whole lot of speed on the bike path since it's curvy. But still good stuff. We explored lots of new land and biked to Dayton and Xenia. We wanted 100 miles but we were very satisfied with 90.
BIKE 90 miles + RUN 1 mile

Sunday, Sept 8 - ran 4.11 miles w/Cheryl biking beside me to downtown Troy where I joined the Winan's Half Marathon crew to Pique. I threw in the final .9 for 18 miles for the day. Pretty good too! 11mins miles for the half! Bob Evans for breakfast after and later, family dinner.
RUN 18 miles

Weekly Totals:
Swim 4,800, Bike 5.5 hours, Run 27.6 miles - WOW!
Not so bad - I skimmed on the biking this week. Still plenty of time and I feel the endurance building.
25 days to my love!!!