If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Training is the hard part - Week 14/20 Ironman Kona

Starting the week with a tip(?) for new triathletes. Training is the hard part. Staying committed to a plan, waking up every single day for WEEKS to swim, bike, run, juggling work and life, getting behind on "other" tasks, and mostly the struggle of long swims after long swims, long bikes after long bikes, and long runs after long runs. You hurt, your tired, you just want to sleep in one morning! You beg for a rest day. You cry sometimes. It's true. Hear me: this is the hard part. You are in the suck NOW so you can enjoy your race day. The Ironman is the reward. It's the fun part! Not easy by any stretch, but you only have to do 1 swim, 1 bike, and 1 run. And it's the most amazing day of ALL of them! All your hard work coming together - the sense of accomplishment. You are a bad ass for finishing an Ironman, but you're even more of a bad ass for making it through the training.


This week's feature photo ^ my first Ironman finish in Texas in 2012.

Saturday - 16 mile run
Sunday - 100 mile bike

Monday, August 26, 2019 - started the morning strong with a 4,250 yard swim. Woo! And good thing too, it's pouring down the rain. Headed to Columbus today for some Rolfing...
Rolfing has to be the best, most effective treatment EVER! Worked out my psoas and QL muscles. Great relief. I'll have one more session with him and feel whole again.
SWIM 2.4 miles + ROLFING session

Tuesday, Aug 27 - it's a rainy morning so I'll wait until it passes or rearrange and make today my rest day - which wouldn't be so bad after the weekend I had!!

Wednesday, Aug 28 - to the Y for a swim. And it just wasn't in me! I got 650 yards. I felt super dizzy and nauseous. And just - sludge. Brick bike to follow which turned out a little better. At least I got it done. But the swim was a wash! Jake's 10th birthday party for evening fun (his birthday is tomorrow) and family dinner.
SWIM 650 yards + BIKE 16.5 miles

Thursday, Aug 29 - Happy Birthday to my Jake!! He's 10 years old today.
I was up and out early for a 6 mile run. Nice and cool this morning too! And I felt strong. My miles aren't 10 minutes anymore, but at least I feel good. I think after Kona I'll work on my run and getting faster again.
The rest of the day was spent working and chasing grandma around which included a trip to the emergency room. She decided to somersault down the (2) steps in the dining room and her skin is so thin, it ripped down to the muscle! Pretty gruesome stuff. 11 sutures inside and 17 on the outside.
RUN 6 miles

Friday, Aug 30 - swim today, I left late though so didn't have a full hour. I was still able to get 7 x 300's for a 2,100 yard swim. Back to the farm to sit on top of grandma so she doesn't move! And you guys won't believe this: she was washing her face and turned to the right, BOOM, fell AGAIN!! Son of a bitch!! She ripped another gash in her right hand - I saw TENDONS! It's right in between the fingers so I'm doubting they can even stitch it. Luckily the ER gave me some suture strips (kinda like tape) so I pulled the skin back together and used those, cleaned it up, and wrapped it. The nurse will come over later and advise if we need sutures.
SWIM 2,100 yards

I did all the right things for the new wound and we're leaving it be, to be changed on Monday. Had to go relieve some stress so went out to the woods to move some wood. Manual labor!

Saturday, Aug 31 - with 100 last weekend and 100 scheduled for next weekend, this weekend was a "down" weekend with a 50 mile bike (w/Cheryl) and 1 hour brick run. I shortened the run just a bit due to electrical like currents running down my right leg (sciatica) but otherwise:
BIKE 50 miles + RUN 4 miles

Later I ran some errands with Cheryl and we all watched Still Alice (the book is WAY better!!). Dinner with grands to follow and ... missing my guy. SO MUCH. We're almost to the one month left mark.

Sunday, Sept 1 - strong 1 hour run this morning. I angry ran! Last night I was VERY frustrated w/grandma and just everything. She fell for a 3rd time. No injuries but her refusal to use the cart and her "mind your own business" shit pisses me OFF! Deep breaths, she isn't home; she has no clue what she's saying or doing. Doesn't make getting treated like shit any easier. Cheryl biked alongside me and I vented, ran, huffed and puffed. And now I'm all better!
RUN 5.5 miles

This afternoon we're hosting a twins convention for Grandpa and Uncle Joe. Ha ha!!

Overall, I feel accomplished this week. I feel especially good after the Monday ROLFING session. I have another next week. I had some shorter mileage, I got it all done and I feel rested and ready for another big week next. The caretaking side of things got to me a bit towards the end of the week so I think I need a day away to myself...

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 3 x 4 miles
Bike x 2 x 66 miles
Run x 3 x 16 miles