If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 8/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, July 15, 2019 - my final few hours with my Luca before he heads back to Italy. I won't see him again until Kona in October. Sucks. That's 2.5 months! Ouch. As soon as I dropped him at the airport though, I hit the ground running swimming. No more dinking around; it's game time!
SWIM 3,600 yards

Tuesday, July 16 - out early on the bike. 25 miles w/mom and a few more on my own for 52 miles total. Worked from home the rest of the day and later, dinner with dad. I think after Ohio, I'll add back in some ST sessions until a couple weeks before Kona.
BIKE 52 miles

Wednesday, July 17 - raining this morning so delayed my 12 mile run. Finally cleared but it was hot hot. I got 10 miles in but lots and lots of walking (and complaining). It was rough. Another busy day and super stressful. I miss my Luca and today, I just want to go home.
RUN (walk) 10 miles

Thursday, July 18 - rough night. I slept horrible. How can I miss a person THIS much!? And it just keeps me awake for hours. Mom said, "Are you SURE you want to swim this morning, you look like hell." Got it done though, one swim and all sorts of helping out on the farm + work!!
SWIM 1,800 yards

Friday, July 19 - I am green so far for the week and it makes me very very happy!! That said, it's just one training session a day which is going to double after Ohio 70.3 (next weekend). My goal is two-a-days to build strength and endurance (and lose some weight!!). Out this morning for a bike w/mom (this is a taper ride for Ohio) - windy and hot as hell!
BIKE 26.66

Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21 - dedicated to helping my Aunt prepare for the Kids Triathlon. Don't worry, I'm not doing nothing!! In fact, 8+ hours daily of EVERYthing physical!!! And I am POOPED!! I feel strong and light (and dirty and sweaty) HA!!
I was going to grab a 10k one of these days but I am seriously wiped - and it's 8,000 degrees outside! Plus, I got about 50,000 steps per day walking/running back and forth.

I'm really okay about this week and getting my shit together.
Next week is a bit of a taper for Ohio 70.3. Lots of little workouts - short and fast.
And Sunday, we race!!

Weekly totals:
Swims: 5400 yards
Bikes: 79 miles
Runs: 10 + 2 crazy tri prep days (have I mentioned my arms might fall off!?)