If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 7/20 Ironman Kona

Forewarning - this week is an embarrassment!! While yes, I've spent the time with my Luca, my family, and adventuring Ohio, I've completely let my Kona training fall to the wayside.
I'm not mad though, I'm getting even!

Monday, July 8, 2019 - July already feels like it's slipping out from under me. Up early making breakfast for the family and trying to get caught up on work. Luca walked over to the WACO museum and grandpa went MIA for a few hours (long story!!). Later in the evening a trip to Dick's with Kelly and her kids and Young's Dairy. Luca swung a baseball bat for the first time ever, and we fed goats!!
No tri training.

Tuesday, July 9 - this is my birthday present to myself (and to Luca!!) Kings Island Day!!! We rode pretty much everything! Very fun, silly, tiring day!! Played hard and ate bad :O
No tri training.

Wednesday, July 10 - early morning to get Jake then it's been a full day of helping everyone else. For real. I'm actually quite frustrated that I can't get more done for me. Combined with trying to spend every second with my Luca... Ohio time melts like butter in July.
No tri training.

Thursday, July 11 - helped Cheryl this morning and this afternoon with kids tri tasks. Once again we never found the time to get any tri training in.
No tri training.

Friday, July 12 - up early to ensure I at least get a swim. 2300 yards done while Luca got swole. And now, plenty on the to do list today to include a trip to the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta and later taco's with April and family.
SWIM 2,300 yards

Saturday, July 13 - to Columbus today to meet Amy and explore the German Village. Later, Nate's 40th birthday celebration and once again, no tri training. I've basically failed this entire week.
No tri training.

Sunday, July 14 - we bailed on the triathlon due to algae bloom in the water. YUCK! Biked for an hour with mom and Cheryl instead. I wanted to brick run but just didn't. I'm starting to go a little crazy in this house. Luca leaves tomorrow.
BIKE 18 miles

The week was a bust. A compete shit show for training.
These entire past weeks have been a bust - shit explosion.
I have even thought about deferring Kona to 2020 (my original date). But no. HELL NO!!
I am getting my shit together and making this happen!