If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 6/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, July 1 - Hello July!! Birthday month. But not really - cause it's tomorrow. Not like I get the whole month or anything... But I get all day tomorrow!! And I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!
Picked Luca up late late last night so we rested mostly today. And had lunch w/Dad at K's + a walk in downtown Troy.

Tuesday, July 2 - birthday run w/Luca (and partially w/mom) 3.9 miles for 39 years alive! Spent a big part of the day weed whacking on the farm (along the creek). Cleaned up, took a nap, and off to a Dayton Dragons baseball game in VIP suite w/the neighbors, mom and Cheryl. Fireworks to top!
RUN 3.9 miles + manual labor

Wednesday, July 3 - VA appointments all morning turned into some surprise doctor visits and that was pretty much our day. Did manage to sneak in the Y for 1800 yard swim while Luca worked out.
SWIM 1800 yards

Thursday, July 4 - Happy Independence Day America!! Started the day with a 35 mile bike ride w/mom. Cleaned up and began prep for BBQ w/family this afternoon... So tired by the end of the day, didn't even make it to the fireworks!!
BIKE 35 miles

Friday, July 5 - straight to the Apple Store in the Green in Dayton. Stupid camera broke. They didn't fix it and even broke my phone more and my photos are gone forever (my iCloud backup was all jacked up too). So once again, I've lost everything. Sushi w/my love despite and back to the farm for more creek weed whacking. Some injections I had on Wednesday have created some sun sensitivity and I had to take shade quick. Luca continued working hard w/Cheryl.

Saturday, July 6 - took mom and Alyssa to the airport early this morning, plenty of errands, some Mexican for lunch, and then hard work on the farm all afternoon. No official tri training but my arms are going to fall off. And we have a race tomorrow...
REST DAY + manual labor

Sunday, July 7 - Red White Zoom Tri Festival. I raced the Oly Bike, Run (I opted out of the swim for undisclosed reasons), Luca raced the Sprint Swim, Run, and Cheryl raced the 1/3 Iron Swim, Bike. Great morning! Followed by more hard work on the farm. By the end of the night we could barely move and collapsed in to bed.
BIKE 25 miles + RUN 6.2 miles + manual labor

I knew the week wouldn't be loaded w/training w/my Luca here. We are doing so much - and especially the manual labor on the farm. We graduated from power washing to weed whacking and trimming trees, clearing the creek, and all things "lawn care". Despite, managed:
Swim x 1 at 1800yards
Bike x 2 for 60 miles
Run x 1 for a 10k
And lots of hard work through the week (shoulders, arms, chest, legs, back - oh my!).

I have a feeling next week will end in similar results as we continue to adventure, help on the farm, and having my Luca here with me.