If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 20 - Race Week Barcelona 70.3

Race week!
Unfortunately our plans have changed a bit. Luca has been assigned out on a mission so I'm headed to Barcelona (Calella) solo. While I'm excited and anxious to travel and race, life is always better with my love. And now I'm extra nervous being alone.


Monday was spent breaking down my bike, packing, cleaning, and just getting ready. I considered getting on the trainer for a bit but I just didn't. I hate my excuses. They're so lame.

Tuesday I took my Luca to work for his mission and traveled to Barcelona with Jake! Travel went pretty smooth from Pisa to Girona, picked up our rental car and drove the short route to Calella. Found our AirBNB host, settled in, and wandered to the grocery store for dinner and breakfast tomorrow. Home, Corona, Doritos, dinner, unpack, SLEEP! We were exhausted!

Wednesday we were up early to potty and a quick walk to check out the sea. Of course Jake was begging me to swim but it was too early and too chilly. Plus I'm not sure that dogs are allowed on the beach... I worked the rest of the morning away before taking my own walk - sightseeing - window shopping. Ironman fun doesn't begin until Friday (although I swore it opened Thursday!?) so these days are just to relax, unwind, work, and be.

I'm really feeling the guilt/pressure of my lazy training schedule. I'm going to bike AND run this afternoon! No excuses!! As soon as I see some other athletes, I'll jump in the sea too.
Guess what? I didn't bike NOR run this afternoon. What is my problem!? I worked instead. I did take my bike to a nearby shop for some air in my tires at least. I will move my body tomorrow, I will!! Lazy ass triathlete *eye roll*


Thursday morning and feeling more ambitious! Jake walk to get the lead out and coffee to get started. I'm moving today, I swear!! I am going to bike. I have to! It needs checked out and if there are any uh oh's the bike shop guy said he'd look at them. Woo!! I'll run down the beach too, see if any athletes are arriving/swimming and/or if Ironman is setting up. This is going to happen!! Dang it.

Biked for about 15mins and ran for another 15mins followed by a long walk followed by another long walk w/the Jake. Anxiety and loneliness is really occupying my entirety. Yikes!

Friday came and went. I picked my packet up and attended the athlete briefing. The course is a quite different than it was for the full. I mean, obviously shorter, but the bike course is different and apparently it's up up up, and then down - narrow and STEEP. Oh boy!! I hope I'm prepared for this! At this point, I'm happy with an 8+ hour race! Two more wake ups...


Saturday morning + run + stood in front of the sea for 20mins without getting in. I didn't want to get my wetsuit wet/cold so I thought about going in in my suit. But I didn't. I think it's going to be okay - as long as it's as calm tomorrow as it was this morning. I'm most anxious about the entrance and exit (because of the waves). Remember, I almost died training in Mexico and got toppled twice in Brazil - so that's where my fear is.

Looks like the weather is going to remain cloudy for Sunday and the rain might hold off until the afternoon/early evening - WOO HOO!!

So before I race tomorrow, looking back at my training, I'm disappointed in myself. I spent a lot of hours indoors on my bike due to weather or a fear of the traffic. While I hit all of my long runs, I skipped more short ones that I want to admit. My swims were okay - I was mostly committed to twice a week. I didn't swim open water once (weather). So of course, I'm very nervous. But I think even if I swam 4 times a week, I'd never feel ready to swim.

So here's the deal: my next training cycle will be dialed in more tightly and I'm going to work harder. I need to get more serious (and confident) as I prepare for Kona. Coupled with a time goal for Ohio 70.3, it will be game on. This training cycle (and perhaps this race tomorrow) will be a kick in my ass. A kick in my ass to a more determined committed Lisa.