If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 19 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

The months are just flying by so you can only imagine what's happening with the weeks and days YIKES!! The butterflies are out and about and the standard doubt and fear is creeping in. Heading into taper...

Monday, May 6, 2019 - without hesitation, straight to the pool for a swim! 1,800m in 43 minutes. Woo! A few errands and WORK. All the work!! Lots of catch up and I'm feeling super accomplished today.
SWIM 1,800m

Tuesday, May 7 - an intentional rest day and with Luca off we attacked the house - deep cleaning!! So again, active rest!! I want to be clear that "rest" doesn't mean my feet are kicked up and I'm chowing down on some bon bon's. I'm doing something. Always!

Wednesday, May 8 - excited for a run this morning and later a KickR session. But first, my goodness I needed the sleep! I guess I've been sleeping poorly the last few nights and so after Luca left at 0730 this morning, I crashed until 10! I obviously needed it. Now I'm revved with coffee and headed out the door!! Very chilly rainy morning. I thought I could grab 6 miles but 10mins out I was cold and felt the rain coming. Sure enough, within another 5mins, it was a cold rain so I called it and zoomed back. Jumped on the KickR for an hour session.
BIKE (trainer) 1 hour + RUN 30mins

Thursday, May 9 - plenty of meetings lined up for today but first, we train! On the KickR for another TrainerRoad ride. I'm liking this trainer with program more and more. The time goes fast and the program regulates the difficulty - lots of interval training. I'm not sure that I'm using it all to its fullest potential, but it feels way more effective than my old school trainer. Another rainy day left me without my run (again). I need a treadmill - but I know I'd rarely use it...
BIKE (trainer) 1 hour

Friday, May 10 - Luca ended up working until 2pm (normal 12pm on Friday's) and guess what!? The pool closes at 2:45pm!! AHH!! We took it as opportunity to hit some open water. To Lerici batman!! High tides = dark dirty water slamming the rocks and a storm was blowing in. We were flagged; no swimming. Aggravatingly, this became a rest day/dry swim strength training day.

Saturday, May 11 - we are going to Milan tomorrow so this morning I bike. A taper ride! Woo! Alarm set for 6am, woke up at 9. OOPS!! And to rain. GRR. KickR it is... At least this trainer really makes me work!! 90mins session for 25 miles. Really low, sad, depress'y day.
BIKE (trainer) 90mins, 25 miles

Sunday, May 12 - to Milan for a Bruno's first communion (a cousin of Luca's). Really a great ceremony and a beautiful lunch meeting a whole new chunk of Luca's family and extended family.

Swim - 1800m
Bike - 3. 5 hours
Run - 3 miles
Whoa ^ that's it!? I sure I'm ready for this race!!