If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 18 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Monday, April 29, 2019 - woo, what a swim! 3000 meters with NO interruptions! While there were a couple of others in the same lane, it was a smooth swim!!
SWIM 3000m

Tuesday, April 30 - 1 hour on the KickR and a busy day working.
BIKE trainer 1 hour

Wednesday, May 1 - 40min run this morning doing some hill repeats and today is an Italian holiday so we spent the rest of the day doing yard work and BBQing.
RUN 40mins

Thursday, May 2 - Happy Birthday to my Luca!! 29 years old today. Took an intentional rest day so we can train over to Firenze for some paperwork from the consulate and a mini adventure. The highlight of our day - lunch at the Irish Pub below the Firenze Duomo and the bookstore. Later that night, we celebrated at the Bisteccheria where Luca loves to cut and cook the GIANT and most delicious steak in all of Italy.

Friday, May 3 - an intense session on the KickR this morning, packing, cleaning, and preparing for an overnight to Milan...
BIKE trainer 30mins

Saturday, May 4 - morning run/walk with Jake and Luca in Milan before meeting our friends in Lodi.
RUN/WALK 40mins

Sunday, May 5 - rainy day so hopped on the trainer for a 2 hour session. Woo, that things really makes me work!! "Only" 30 miles but no way, my power was intense!
BIKE trainer 2 hours

Weekly Totals:
Swim - 3000m
Bike - 3.5 hours of KickR work
Run - 80 minutes

I'm feeling quite anxious for Barcelona. I know I didn't put appropriate work in for this race. I'll be moving right into training for Ohio though and after a short recovery, I'm back in full force and with fury!! I want a 6 hour race and I'm going to work for it!!