If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 7 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Monday, Feb 11 - if you haven't figured it out yet, these accountability posts are kind of like a daily journal for me. It's probably boring for you to read but it's beneficial for me to be able to go back through and see where I went wrong or right during training. Some people keep a journal, I keep a blog. Shh.
I was a productive waste today. The story of my life - a walking contradiction. My goal was to go run and swim in Marina di Carrara. The wind was CRAZY and I got scared to take the Vespa. So I swapped some training days around and got on the trainer... 1:50 turned into 40mins. My butt aches from yesterday! So I cleaned my house. And worked. And pouted a little bit. Ugh. Even later I tried to go out for my run and just...no.
The leftover smell from the fire next door is making me SICK.
BIKE trainer 40mins


Tuesday, Feb 12 - guys, this week is not off to a good start. I don't even have an excuse to make...I just worked all day. I have GOT to get my shit together! ^
Oh but wait, it got worse...
Cooking dinner, slicing bread, the knife slipped on a hard piece of crust and sliced my finger. Oh. My. God. Lotsa blood, wide open... I probably need stitches but it's a clean cut and with plenty of pressure, stays together, so we glued it, wrapped it, and made a splint (bending my finger opens it back up). I survived the night. Taking off the bandage in the morning...


Wednesday, Feb 13 - THERE'S the pain! I cried like a baby, it reopened w/the removal of the bandages and more blood. Definitely should have gotten stitches. So now here I sit.


Thursday, Feb 14 - medical visits this morning after waking up to ^ this! What a beautiful surprise!! My honey did SO good!! Meds included a TDAP shot (mostly for the tetanus) but went ahead and got boosters across the board. Joy. Although I was determined to get on the trainer w/a brick run today, the doc insisted, "No sport". Later, playing with Jake, I realized why (heart racing, high blood pressure, nearly passed out). OHHHHH. Happy Valentine's Day anyway and more of:
p.s. my cut looks a lot better today and I can bend my finger now w/out it ripping open.
p.p.s. we totally suck at stretching every night. We are failing our weekly challenge big time.


Friday, Feb 15 - should we swim today? Eh, probably not... but doing nothing is driving me mad. I'm coming back! And I have a vengeance!! 1:15 on the trainer w/some sprints and a little after, a 3 mile run in Marina di Carrara while Luca swam. Lunch and an afternoon w/my loves. Do you love this photo ^ as much as I do!?
BIKE trainer 1:15 RUN 3 miles


Saturday, Feb 16 - Happy Birthday to my brother in Heaven. That is so hard to write. Harder to say. A short hike with my guys was just what I needed. And later, dinner with Luca, his father, and uncle (not the most flattering photo of myself :O ).


Sunday, Feb 17 - 2 hour bike w/Luca. This was his first ride in a VERY long time. We don't even know his last ride. So it was slow and comfortable, but the point was time.
BIKE 30 miles

And that's it folks. The week is complete! Considering I nearly cut my finger off on Tuesday, I did okay. Weekly totals:
Swim - zero
Bike - 30 mile outside + 2 hours on the trainer
Run - 3 miles and one 2 mile hike

As far as our 52 weeks of us, we sucked almighty!! As in, we didn't spend a single minute specifically stretching. AHH!! We drew for next week: No Pizza or Fries