Sunday, May 13, 2018

Quiet Solo Days ~ Just Me and the Pup #accountability Week 16


Monday, May 7, 2018 - two things, who got to decide that Monday's suck? I love Monday's. It's a new week!! And 2, where is my SWIM motivation! Seriously I can't find it anywhere!!

FYI (and for future reference): Today is Melanoma Monday - creating awareness for Melanoma cancer. Please get screened. And wear sunscreen. RIP my brother.

Without swim motivation, Jake and I went to the tenuta for a run. YES, I ran!! No pain during or after. Not that there was any anyway...just the doc told me to stay off it. Well, it was a week. I did. Now I'm done. And 2 miles was just fine. Followed that up with an hour on the trainer. <--- because I was watching Netflix and not getting shit done anyway *EYE ROLL* so I might as well not be getting shit done working on the trainer, right!? Listen, I gotta get in the damn water!
RUN - 2 miles, 21 minutes (w/Jake - who btw, pooped out before I did!!)
BIKE (trainer) - 1 hour


Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - I'm determined to "get in the damn water" as my yesterday self exclaimed...
AND I DID IT!! Yay! I had to remind myself, TRIATHLETES ARE MADE! It's just you and the pool! (and 3-5 other people in the same lane at any given time)...HA!

Oh and check this out, so I’m doing this weird thing on FB.... deleting “friends” that I actually DONT know as their weird posts pop up or when reminded it’s their bday. Some days I’m like WHO the ?! is this person!!?  With age brings wisdom and a desire for quality over quantity.
SWIM - 3,100m


Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - up early to catch a train to meet my friend Vanessa in Firenze! I had quite a bit of anxiety about getting on the train and traveling so far solo. I know, that's kinda unusual for miss adventure over here... I'm not sure why. But I did it anyway!! And we had a great calm day relaxing and shopping in Firenze! Back home for a quiet evening with my Jake.


Thursday, May 10, 2018 - for the third night in a row, terrible sleep!! Tossing and turning, nightmares, and up every hour it seems. I can't seem to get it right.
I had a lonely quiet morning. I absolutely hate Luca being gone. And especially not getting to hear from him (no service in the sea on a ship). Jake seems to enjoy the mommy puppy time though ;)
I finally dragged myself to an hour bike ride. Later some errands for anti-mold spray and paint which led to super scrub, anti-molding, and painting.
This week of training is EH - EH so far. Technically, it's a rest week + plus a race this Sunday, so I'm not stressing too hard but still feeling less than par (mentally). I'm hoping to start rebuilding run mileage next week...
BIKE (trainer)


Friday, May 11, 2018 - I finally slept, a little, but not until about 3am. I'm hoping by tomorrow night (I have a race Sunday), I'll be so exhausted from not sleeping that I'll sleep crazy hard. If not, the race isn't until 2:30pm anyway. Isn't that so odd!? Race times are much different here.
In an effort to build my run back up slowly and gradually, I was cool with 3 miles today, which Jake can usually accompany me effortlessly. After 1 mile he really seemed to poop out, panting heavy, and I swear his belly has been bloating a little more each day. With that, a few days ago he pooped a long piece of plastic, like the kind that covers meat at the grocery. I think he snuck it out of the trash can. But I wasn't too worried since he clearly pooped it out. His eating and drinking and pooping (although small) has been normal. So I haven't been worried, but just watching. Well the run today really pushed me over the edge... now I'm super nervous because Jake LOVES to go run with me.

Since the tenuta is right next to the vet I like, we stopped. The vet was available in that moment and even though he spoke little English and I speak little Italian, we made it work. Full exam, no twisted stomach or blockage. Blood work was normal. Jake did have a fever though. He gave him an antibiotic to be safe and all eyes on Jake for the next 48 hours. As if my eyes aren't always on him. But he's okay! This dang dog.


Weekend Life ^^
Saturday, May 12, 2018 - finding myself in a little bit of a mental slump today. Or depressed; I don't know. Maybe just anxiety. I feel very unorganized; even though I'm probably not. And my priorities are slipping; even though they're really not. I'm really just getting to myself maybe. Part of it, I drove to Lerici to pick up my packet and no parking. Drove around for an hour. Ultimately went home. I guess I'll get my packet tomorrow before the race. Ugh, what a kick in the nuts. Parking is a real dick in Italy. I don't know why I just made two "man" innuendos. I'm clearly missing Luca.
Sometimes I just feel like nothing goes my way.

Whatever - trying to be positive. I'll show up early tomorrow. Do not stress Lisa!!
In the meantime, I have this whole sticky note/calendar plan for next week (which includes a quick overnight trip to Paris to meet Paul ~ YAY!!).


Sunday, May 13, 2018 - after yet another rough night of sleep, I'm up and preparing to head to Lerici. Holy nerves!! I almost bailed out before the start. And I totally panicked in the water. I'll do a nice race report because it's my first tri here in Tuscany/Liguria (did a couple in Sicily). And I won 2nd place in my age group!
SWIM - 800m
BIKE - 12.5 miles
RUN - 3 miles

Weekly Totals:
Swim - 1 x 3,100m (+ 800m tri)
Bike - 2 x 32 miles (estimated) (+ 12.5 mile tri)
Run - 2 x 5 miles (+ 3 mile tri)
Walk/Hike - Firenze + Jake walks daily
Race - Triathlon di Lerici Sprint (800m swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3 mile run)

Not horrible for a race/rest week. I really enjoyed ending it with a sprint tri.
I'm very ready to rebuild some run mileage next week.
Wish me luck!

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