If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Italian Beauty


I'm kinda excited. So as you know, I've been living in Italy for 1 year and 2 months. That's a whole lot less time than the previous 36 years and 7 months that I spent in the United States. That being said, I am pretty accustom to my both my beauty routine and the products I enjoy. Which mind you, aren't many ~ there is beauty in simplicity ~ but I do have my "things".

Most of my things can't be found in Italy so I have this little CVS in my bathroom, stockpiled. Ha!

However, I've realized recently that Italian women have fantastic skin, fantastic hair, (teeth are a hit or miss), and they do a nice job with their makeup (although many are quite overboard w/color in my opinion). I've also had those LISA YOU LIVE HERE NOW moments and need to embrace what is available here.

SO!, I've been researching (both online and wandering through stores) to find out what Italian women love and use and I'm excited to try some for myself and share my experience with YOU!


Right off the bat, I'm already IN LOVE with Kiko Milano makeup. Kiko Milano is known as the MAC of Italy. Tons of color here folks!! I'm pretty basic: I have found their Lasting Precision Eyeliner is everything the title declares and a base and top coat mascara pair.
The makeup is clean, super inexpensive, professional but easy to use.


Rose Water Toner. Girls, I'm crazy about this one!! It's full name, Robert’s Acqua Distillata Alle Rose, has been around since 1867, when the Florentine women went nuts for the stuff. It's made from Centiforal rose petals and distilled spring water. I use it as a gentle, refreshing toner after washing my face but the Italian women use it all over their bodies, pits, lingerie, and bed linens. The scent isn't overpowering; just a gentle touch of rosy whimsy for a freshly cleaned face.


Also conveying that nostalgic and romantic Italian feel, Nivea Creme is a mainstay in Italia. You can still get it in the metal tins which is super sexy and it leaves my legs silky sexy after a shave. The Italians also use it in place of oil to bronze on the beach (they haven't gotten the skin cancer memo yet).


My newest find, CLAY masks. Italians reveal that a hydrating clay, sundried in Southern Italy, provides skin with nourishment and moisture AND... anti-age MAGIC. I'm very excited to try these out! Luca and I actually used one (similar) back in January. I loved it! And noted a brilliant shine after. But I don't think it was clay. The clay is supposed to be LEgit!


^ So here we go!! ^


Finally, you can never go wrong with a body cream infused with w/essential oils. Perlier is a leading beauty name in Italy. They are all natural, no animal testing, and use all natural secret processes to formulate their products. Whatever... they smell good!

And finally finally, here is some stuff that I might want to try too...
Sapone da barba OMEGA (it's shaving cream)
Cold pressed Olio di Macadamia (for dry hair)
Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Roller (for puffy eyes and dark circles)
Coloniali bath salts
Marvin toothpaste

Part two to come !?!?...